I'm Baaaack!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hola Chicas!
How are you guys doing? I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog for soooo looong... The last post I made was back in August (wtF?!), I'm really sorry for that. I was busy concentrating with my other blog which is my beauty & fashion blog: TWO THOUSAND THINGS. Please also do check that out so you can see what I've been up to for the last several months ;p

Anyway, not that anyone misses me on this blog (I'm not really sure if anybody is reading this blog anymore), but starting this new year I have the intention to revive this blog and bring it back! I already start some brainstorming session (with myself ;p) about new themes and/or new concept that I will run for this blog. 


The new year is the perfect time to start anything, so I'm gonna start blogging in TIGERLILY'S BOOK again (please pray for me so that I won't get lazy as usual ;p).

Anyway, I'm thinking of changing this blog's theme into a Home Decor and Personal life blog instead. So I'm gonna be posting about Home Decor a lot more (because it's one of my passion and interest), and also about my daily life including Places that I've been, Food/Restaurant reviews, and other personal interests. I hope it would work well, and I hope you will gain something from this little blog of mine.


So anyway, to start things up, I would like to say a very late "Happy New Year" to you all ;p 
May this year would bring us more luck, good health, and happiness! Here is a video that I made about my last year's 2013 in rewind. It's just a short clips of what I did and done during the whole year. I also have made a whole post in my other blog (Two Thousand Things) about my achievements and things that I have done in 2013. You can check that out by CLICKING HERE.

Adios Chicas!

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