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Friday, November 5, 2010

As I told you earlier in my Pesta Blogger 2010 post, I got myself a business card (my first ever!) courtesy of I can't believe my luck when I got a box full of cute business card from mas Agus of Yes, I can't believe my luck when I saw it for the first time ( well i did get to see the preview of the card before it's printed but still it's different when you see it live in front of your eyes ;p ), it's so cute and i just love it!


Well actually I was trying to design something so i could have a business card that differ from the other but since I want to bring it to Pesta Blogger which was due in a week and with the extra time needed to print and send it to my address so there's not enough time to design anything in that limited time since I have to design it from scratch anyway, and if you're used to design things you might know how hard it is to design from scratch in a limited time ;p

So anyway after trying to design something in a couple of days (and failed!) I was giving up and turn to website to look for some templates, I figured this would be the easiest way. Not very original but fast and practical. Surprisingly I found a hard time choosing my favorite template because has so many awesome template designs for every theme and type of businesses. The design range from simple to business-ey to chic and cool graphics. Here are a couple of my favorites from the templates:

And more of cool looking templates available at the site but I decided to go with this one below since I figured that this one most resembles the feel and theme of my two blogs:

Cute isn't it? very girly with all those pastel colors which i love! My two blogs are into women's interest so  I thought a girly color and style would represent it best ^__^

I love the quality of the business card, i like the paper texture, not too thin and not too thick, it's perfect to be tucked in wallets and business card holders. And as I mentioned earlier I love the quality of the color / ink used, there's no spill or un-even spots, everything's perfect. The colors are pretty and it's not too bright nor is it too fade.
And beside the many templates that you can use for free, you can also send your own design to and they will make it specially customized for you. The price is very affordable, no matter if you want it black & white, full colors, or if you want to include photo in it, the price is the same for all designs. What differ the price is the type of paper and whether you want to print it one side or two sides.

There are several types of paper that you can choose (example photos are available in their web), ranging from IDR 39.000 - 69.000 for one side and IDR 69.000 - 99.000 for two sides. In my personal opinion, the price is really affordable considering the quality of the business card and the service they provided.
Ordering is easy, they will give you a preview of your card before it gets printed and the printing process only need one day!

I will definitely order my next business card here on Mine is one sided now but I plan to order the next one in two sides, each side for each of my blog ^o^


  1. simply love your new business card! so happy for u that u got one :)

  2. so girly & so colorful! I just so love it! Glad you got one.

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    I will recommend this service to all new businesses.
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  4. Your business cards are really stylish and elegant made!


  5. love how cute it is! and the colourfulness of it will surely draw attention and stand out! good job picking them!

    reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

  6. this is cute card you have shared..i might need this info when use it for the design of Metal business cards.


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