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The Victorian era is generally agreed to stretch through the reign of Queen Victoria's reign from June 1837 to January 1901. It was a tremendously exciting period when many artistic styles, literary schools, as well as, social, political and religious movements flourished. It was a time of prosperity, broad imperial expansion, and great political reform. It was also a time, which today we associate with "prudishness" and "repression". Without a doubt, it was an extraordinarily complex age, that has sometimes been called the Second English Renaissance. It is, however, also the beginning of Modern Times.

Interior decoration and interior design of the Victorian era are noted for orderliness and ornamentation. A house from this period was idealistically neatly divided in rooms, with public and private space carefully separated.
The Parlor was the most important room in a home and was the showcase for the homeowners; where guests were entertained. A bare room was considered to be in poor taste, so every surface was filled with objects that reflected the owner's interests and aspirations.
The dining room was the second-most important room in the house. An atmospheric light, which Victorians considered most appropriate for dining, was provided by chandeliers, wall sconces, and candles. The sideboard was most often the focal point of the dining room and very ornately decorated. The decorative arts were characterized by an eclectic revival and influences from Asia and the mid-east.
The choice of paint color on the walls in Victorian homes was said to be based on the use of the room. Hallways that were in the entry hall and the stair halls were painted a somber gray so as not to compete with the surrounding rooms. Most people marbleized the walls or the woodwork. Drapes were heavy velvets, often looped back with gold tassels.
No particular style dominated the creation of Victorian furniture. Rather, the designers drew inspiration from Gothic, Tudor, Elizabethan, English Rococo, Neoclassical and other periods.

Below are some of the examples of a Victorian Era rooms / chambers.
Note : These are an unframed art print on paper created using the typical offset lithograph method by John P. OBrien (could be bought here, prices : $1.95 - $7.95).

Aren't they such pretty rooms or what?! I always love these past eras. My favorite movies are ones such as Marie Antoinette, The Duchess, Elizabeth, and the likes...
I love watching all the ladies, the queens and the courtiers with their beautiful gowns and extravagant hairs, not to mention their beautiful large manor with big gardens and rich decorations inside every rooms in their house. I wish I could go back to that era, where everything seems so much simpler.

In intention of collecting some Victorian-themed decorative items I browse one of my fave store (which I always love everything in their catalog they sent me) Past-Times where I found all these amazing things that would straightly fall into my wish list catalogue ^o^

The Victorians loved to turn everyday objects into highly decorative novelty items. This Victorian Purse Compact Mirror is fashioned into the shape of a purse and typically features elaborate all-over decoration.

This Forget-Me-Not photograph album is decorated with forget-me-nots flower design, one of the favourite flowers of the Victorians, meaning true love or remember me forever in their special language of flowers.

The Victorians were passionate about flowers, giving them their own special language and using them to decorate all manner of items like in this Victorian Rose Pewter Necklace Hook with rose design, a symbol of love and beauty that was a particular Victorian favourite, and this Victorian Floral Dressing Table Mirror that recalls Victorian originals.

Everything in the Victorian home, from soft furnishings and wallpaper to pottery and ornaments, was decorated in floral and naturalistic motifs. The decoration on these Victorian Pink Floral Heart Frame Bookmark and Victorian Pink Floral Perfume Bottle recalls Victorian love affair with the natural world.

In the Victorian language of flowers the rose was an everlasting symbol of love. It was used to adorn all manner of decorative items from soft furnishings to jewelry. Our Victorian Mirrored Rose Jewellery Box is printed with a distinctive rose design.

And that's not all, ladies! I couldn't satisfied myself with these adorable romantic things! And so I browse some more...

Perfect for gifts :
Victorian Handbag Magnets
Set of 3 Lavender Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Forget-me-Not Notelet Box

Anyone wants to buy me one of these decorative items? I surely won't say no to these ^o^

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  1. i love all things Victorian and enjoyed looking at your wonderful pictures, especially the divine Victorian rooms.
    how i wish i'd lived in those times!

  2. Thanks! And we have the same wish ^o^ I always wonder what it'd feel like to be living in those eras..

  3. the past always fascinates me, especially Victorian & Tudor times.
    i spend half my life dreaming about those days!


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