Illustration by Silvia Portella

Monday, June 8, 2009

While browsing I found a website of this really great illustrator who does amazing works of arts. I love her style, she could be one of my favorite illustrator ^__^
Her name is Silvia Portella, her age is the same as me (but her works are beyond my achievement ^o^). She's originally from Spain but now lives in Berlin, Germany. She has worked with some German companies and media as well as for companies around the globe.
And she can speak 5 languages! Is she a genius or what? ^^

I fell in love with her works and decided to post about her to make her works more globally known. I hope she's not mad that i took her illustrations and put them here as an example of how great her works are ^o^

Well, here are some of her works..

And here's her website link:

I really admire her - she's amazing! ^^

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  1. Love this! Thanks for posting. Do you have any idea where I could buy prints?


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