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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I knew about polyvore from my bff Epi. After a long pause of not using it I once got back to it just to see what's new, turns out I found lots and lots of amazing sets in there. I have no idea that there are many creative people out there who had amazing creative ability that's hard to compare.
Well it inspires me to explore my own creativity and since I had the time to play with it so here are what comes out at the end ^o^ :


Profile Picture
by Tiger.Lily
I made this for my Profile Picture.

Shopping District
This is my first art set that I made.
I'm actually not quite satisfied with the result ^o^

For Kurisnades !
I made this one for my hubby.

Little Princess
This is my first Fashion-Art combined set (who happened to win 8th place in a polyvore contest).

PUNK-y Brewster.
And this is another of my Fashion-Art combined set.

Still needs a lot of practice, i know.. ^o^
But i'm so glad there's a polyvore, because it's really good for exploring your creativity and it has been a good source for my fashion blog too ^^
Here's my polyvore link if you wanna check the rest of my sets :



  1. Theses are amazing... the first is def my favorite! xxx


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