Coffee Review : Nescafe Green Coffee Blend

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I saw this "recently-launched" coffee on the supermarket rack a few months ago. I was very tempted to try it out but I was pregnant at that time so I can't drink coffee ( I was reducing my coffee intake when I was pregnant ) so I didn't buy it although I really wanted to.

But then I had a miscarriage ( it was a sad story saved for another post ) and just yesterday I saw this coffee again at the supermarket when we were grocery shopping. I grabbed it with no hesitant because now I can finally try it out.

I always love trying new things including new coffees and teas in the market that I haven't tried before. This particular coffee had my eyes since the first time I saw it. I was intrigued by the "green blend" part which means that this coffee is made from a combination blend of unroasted "green " coffee beans and regular roasted beans.

So there are both roasted and unroasted coffee beans in this blend, which is very unique. The green coffee beans are a natural source of antioxidant polyphenols. It is mixed with Nescafe's signature Robusta roasted beans to create this special "green blend" coffee.

If you're wondering, the green blend version has similar level of caffeine as the regular instant coffee. So it's not too strong nor it is too weak (at least according to me).

What I first noticed was the sweet smelling blend when I opened the sachet and poured the processed beans into my cup. The scent was of a lovely sweet smelling coffee, but once I poured hot water into the cup I noticed that the scent was not as strong anymore.

As for the taste, it's not as sweet as the scent so it still has a hint of bitterness somewhere in it. I actually like it very much. It's also slightly less thick than the regular nescafe instant coffee. It has smooth texture and a perfect combination of both roasted and unroasted coffee beans.

This has been a favorite in my house and I will definitely buy this again.

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  1. Yes i like green blend bad it hard to fine now in my place...and this coffee not make me cos the sugar pure

  2. Apa benar kopi ini bisa turunkan berat badan?

  3. @Suzy : Yes I also don't see them on the supermarket racks quite often now, I wonder why ...

    @Esther : Oya? aku malah baru tau kalo kopi ini katanya bisa turunin berat badan, jadi aku nggak bisa kasih komen karena aku baru denger info ini dari kamu.

  4. Kopi ini mengandung kafein kan ya?

  5. @Unknown : Iya, ini tetap ada kandungan caffein nya ..

  6. Di mana boleh dapat coffee ini...adakah di jual di malaysia?

  7. @Mr Mar Mil
    Maaf saya kurang tau dijual atau tidak di Malaysia, tapi kalau di Indonesia ada di supermarket biasa dan supermarket besar :)

  8. Yes! Finally someone writes about green coffee bean.


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