Party Planner: Beach themed party

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Sunday, May 16th is my hubby's Bday!
He's turning 32 so there's no reason to throw a birthday party anymore ;p But I still like to make one virtual bday party for him ^o^ I asked my hubby what would he like for the theme of his virtual imaginary party that would be part of my routine Imaginary Party Planner posts here in this blog, and he said "beach party. whatever" -- thanks honey, despite the lack of enthusiasm ;p
Anyway, beach party it is! ;)

I did these kind of posts because I love to imagine myself as a party planner, and I also hope that these imaginary party planner posts would somehow be useful for me as well as for you as inspirations for our own parties :) So, let's start, shall we?

I collected these pictures from various websites, all of the pics are linked to it's original source so if you want to know more about an item just click the pics and it will take you straightly to the web source.


From the invitation people would know that it's a beach themed party.
For hubby's invitation I would order these with blue or green slippers photo instead of pink.

The beach birthday party will be held outdoor on the lawn.
I will put a long table right on the grass, more or less like this:

But unlike the pic above I will put a lot of chairs around the wooden table, chairs would be covered in sand-colored flowy fabric, adorned with this small sized shell wreath at the back of the chair.

A cute little tin used as a flower pot, held with colorful ribbons around the garden area.

Assorted flower strings to decorate the surroundings.

And a shell light string to set the ambiance.

Aside from the main long table & chair set, don't forget to also decor the other seating area with colorful pillows.


Placecard holder so everyone knows where to sit.

Pretty flowers set in a deep blue glass as table decorations.

These light-house tealight holders are also for the main table decoration.

And here's the table cloth:

with matching napkins:

And plates:

All are from

The drinks are served in these starfish embossed tall glasses and shell coasters.

And this is the drink:

cooling sangria!

I think serving many kinds of finger food will be great for outdoor beach theme party, so it won't be too messy. Like these assorted finger sandwiches:

Salad and pita bread:

And this stuffed paprika:

And some cakes for dessert:

Aside from the main eating area there is also a side table that holds fresh cool softdrinks, cakes, cookies, and sweet stuffs. To bring out the theme I'd dress it up with raffia skirt like this:

What's on the top of the Luau style side table above:

Cute inflatable can cooler to keep the softdrinks cool.

And some food for the sweet tooth:

Guests can grab a pail of their own. This mini pail is filled with assorted bean candies!

Nowadays, it's all about pretty cupcakes!

Assorted cookies and cakes:


No party would be complete without a cake!

And last but not least, the PARTY FAVOR BAGS:
This time it's different, everyone will take their own pail on the way out and then they will fill the pail with the assorted party favors that already served in the small table near the way out.
These are the mini pails that everyone will get:

Inside it is a thank you tags with beach themed graphics:

And then they can fill their pail with these favor bags on their own:

Sea creatures matches

Beach themed assorted lollipops.

ocean breeze candle in mini pail

shell soaps packed in clear plastic bag and a little bow.

And a special personalized unique plastic glass:

And now the party is over!
Did you have fun?
Would you come to my next party?


  1. Yes please! Invite me to all of your parties!!!

    Great selection!

  2. How fun!..I love the desserts! =9

  3. i hope hubby has a great birthday!

    shame he doesn't want a fuss though because i bet a beach party would be amazing!

  4. Nice party hun
    thanks for making me one :D

  5. @Patricia: Thank you sweetie.. I will surely get an invitation for you on my next virtual party ^o^

    @Tylerpants: Oh yes, I know, I want those too ;) nom..nom...

    @Adamantixx: ha! haven't seen you around here for quite some time, thank you for visiting this blog again :)

    @krisna: Everyone, this is my hubby. Glad he like the party :D Thanks again hon!


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