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Friday, March 13, 2009

FYI, I just publish a new Blog, it's more of a Fashion Thingy Blog ^o^
Here's the link:

I put all my fashion related posts in this blog there.
And here's a peek of a new article from TwoThousandThings :


My Forever Style Icon is Nicole Richie.
I love everything she wears and the way she wears them.
Plus she is tiny just like me so I could very much relate to her styles and I could pick some ideas from her.
Much of her styles resembles mine too. I love the boho looks and the sexy casual looks as much as her. But I just don't collect dark glasses like her (well maybe if I had the money I would ^o^).

I've been keeping an eye on her styles for the last two years and she's just keep getting better and better. Her dark shades collection seems to build up too, of course she needs them for her dark glasses signature style.
I do find out that sometimes she slips out and dresses badly, but most of the time she looks absolutely gorgeous, with or without a stylist.

Now here are some of my favorite looks of her, the never-ending chic styles of Nicole Richie :

Look at her, all those years she just keeps getting better in styles.
Yes, if u have to wear Black remember that Black for Night is different than Black for Day. She made it really clear (and always looked right).

A great casual chic outfit to go to StarBucks!
All those were just simple basic clothes: a white tank, black jeans, black patent shoes, black sling bag and a shawl - but how can those basic things look so gorgeous on Nicole? I always wonder ...

Another casual look of Nicole.
Another basic things: short jeans, grey tank, big belt, a cap and a thong.
No matter how basic this look is I dont think I could pull this like Nicole did ^o^ (maybe you had to have that Star Charisma thing so you could look great in everything even in your sweatpants - LOL)

I love this style.
I would wear this to go out with my girlfriends.
On the right is Mischa but she looks standard compared to Nicole on her side ^o^

Casual Beach Girl look.
She loves denim short (actually her outfits are all either short or very long ^^)
Denim short is a good investment, it's great paired with everything. Try a loose top or a tanktop with long necklace like Nicole did.

The Ultimate Fashion Diva!

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