Nothing A Nice Cup of Tea Can't Solve!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I've written quite a lot of posts about tea in this blog, and that is because I considered myself an avid tea drinker (aside from a coffeeholic). I love tea and I have been drinking tea since I was a child. I saw my grandma drinks tea everyday from her green pot and ever since then I started to drink tea everyday just like her.

Contrary to drinking coffee which I took to re-energize and wake me up, drinking tea is my way of relaxing. I drank tea mostly to relax myself, that's why I usually drink it in the afternoon to wind down or at night before I go to sleep; but depending on the type of tea I also drank tea to re-charge my energy and mind if needed.

Nothing a nice cup of tea can't solve ;)

I normally don't have my tea appropriately as the picture above (which I made via Polyvore), but if I could then I would serve my tea complete with a tea towel, and a pretty tea tray as above ;)

My dream is to collect saucer & cups, but they are not easily available here in my country, you usually would have to buy a set. And it's also hard to find a vintage saucer & cup here :(
I love the above Green Gate's June saucer & cup, it has a very pretty mint color with a floral rim motif. It goes perfectly matchy-matchy with the mint colored cocktail/tea towel from Uncommon Goods. I love that store.

The gorgeous tray that steal my attention is a work of art from the artist Hiromi Sato. It is called The Twins Woodland Tea Party. I love the beautiful colorful design. You can get it via the Gallery Nucleus which housed some amazing artists there. Below is a more detailed picture of this gorgeous art work:

isn't it so lovely?

Meanwhile, let's see some tea collection below. What are your favorite teas? I basically love all types of teas, from black tea to red tea or green tea.. I would consume any tea, really..
I actually love tasting on different kinds of teas. There are not so many types of teas that I've tried yet but I am willing to explore more ;)

I like it hot or cold, and I prefer tea with sugar instead of milk, especially in terms of hot tea. But I do like several types of milk tea such as Thai Ice Tea or Malaysian Teh Tarik ;)

Here are some samples of interesting tea selections that I would love to try one day:

Keep Calm and Put The Kettle On
  List of teas featured above are as below:

AriZona The Tea Of Life
266.945 IDR -

Calypso Mango Iced Tea Half Gallon
399.125 IDR -

Timmy's Tea Sampler
179.730 IDR -

Harrods Heritage Loose Tea Trio (3x125g)
301.130 IDR -

Do you like any of the teas I featured above? Or maybe you have tried one of those? Lemme know how it tastes. Those brands are not available here in my country so I am very curios about them, especially the ones with the cute packaging (I am a cute packaging hoarder ;p).

Meanwhile, incase you want to know, here's my current own tea stash that are on stacked in my tea/coffee cupboard ^o^

Of all those teas above, my most favorite one is the Sosro Heritage Jasmine Tea (which is my all-time fave!), and my least favorite one is the Kruger Chai Latte. After tasting this one I decided that chai tea is not my cup of tea ;p

How about you? Do you like chai tea? Or do you love jasmine tea just like me? Let me know in the comment below, will you?

Also, if you like throwing parties or if you're looking for ideas for your "tea party" theme, you can check out my Tea Party complete ideas post and lemme know what you think.

Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. These teas look delicious! *__* (Following you back, btw!)

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  2. It's been awhile from blogging ..

    I am a tea land coffee lover as well,, Sosro Jasmine tea is also one of my fave .. very much classic and daily drink tea

    Have you tried Dilmah Green Tea , I esp loved the smell of it.. Better smell thann kepala jenggot green tea..

    And I also love Chamomile tea , anybrand, lipton also has it.. It sort of gives me relaxed feeling (mengendurkan syaraf2 yg tegang) ..

    I used to never like tea latte or teh tarik,, but since there is chatime and other similar types , i can enjoy tea with milk.. I am not sure if this is still considered one of the traditional tea drink , isnt it.. Hehehe...

  3. @June: Hai June, thank you for the follow-back dear :) - And yes, those teas sure looks delicious and always makes me want to brew one ;)

    @Rebecca: Hai Rebecca, toss untuk sesama penggemar coffee and tea :D
    I've tried Dilmah before but I don't think I have tried the Green Tea variety of Dilmah, I'm gonna keep note to try that one ;)
    Actually I only like a few of Lipton varieties, like the original one, the lemon one, and the caramel one ;) I also love chamomile tea but I don't really like the Lipton one :( - Thank you so much for stopping by, I really enjoy reading your enthusiastic comment :D


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