[Imaginary]: My Gardening Journal

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Garden Journal

Welcome to my imaginary post ;p

I did a few of these kind of posts a while back because I simply have super big imaginations. Those who are close to me or have known me for a long time must already know about my daydreaming habits ;p

Yes, I have an outta this world imagination so I love to imagine a lot of things, most of them are daily ordinary things. For example, today I'm imagining that I have a gardening hobby. I imagine I have a green thumb and that I am actually a good gardener. As a home gardener I had to have my tools, right? And since I love decorative things so my gardening tools must also be cute and pretty ;)

So here are my gardening tools if I were a real gardener in my imaginary world:
My Gardening Tools

Specially reserved for my imagination ;p

According to my itsy bitsy knowledge of gardening, three of the most important tools when gardening are: a plant sprayer and planter tools, as well as a gardening gloves to protect your hands. My choice of gardening tools are these green/red floral beauties from the NYBG Shop. I kinda love that shop because it has a lot of cute gardening tools just like these one. Aren't they pretty?

I actually prefer to have a few of gardening gloves because I'd like to wash and rotate them, that way if I wash a pair after using them, then I would still have another pair to use. My current favorite gardening gloves is from The Thoughtful Gardener that I found via House of Fraser. I really love the pattern on it which is kinda like vintage pattern.

To cut out flower stems and trim plant leaves you gotta have a sharp gardening shears. This Crate & Barrel gardening shears was a great gift and it comes in a neat little green box complete with a garden deck, which is a deck of cards with complete growing and care tips for all types of garden plants. Pretty useful and thoughtful gift.

The newest addition to the little garden is the Orla Kiely 3 herbs pot with tray. It's ready to be planted with some kitchen seeds and then put on the kitchen window sill. I love Orla Kiely designs, their patterns are always unique and very original. You can almost always tell that it's an Orla Kiely design just by looking at the pattern. Oh and one more thing, a good gardening bible is the Better Homes & Garden's "Garden Book" which is actually an old book that contains lots of recipes for a beautiful garden!

The other two gardening gloves that are also my favorites are these two below. The green ones on the left is by Frontier Gloves, while the pink floral on the right is definitely my most favorite which is from Vera Bradley Lilli Bell collection:

That's it for my [Imaginary] post this time, I hope you don't think I'm crazy, LOL. I just need to channel these imaginations somewhere, so why not on my own blog? ^o^

I'll see you in my next [Imaginary] series post!

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