Favorite past time: Editing photos

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

- Edited -

One of my favorite time-killer activities is editing photos. And that's one of the reason why I love iPhone so much! I never wanted a BB (Blackberry) because there's no great creative apps in it. Maybe if I work in a formal office I might need BB to help get my work done because BB have lots of office applications, but since I don't work in a formal office so a BB is pretty useless for me. What's the point of having a phone if you can't maximize the features in it? it would be pretty useless, and I refuse to surrender to peer pressure ;p

This reminds me why everyone thinks that we all need a BB. I mean, come on, everyone is entitled to choose their own gadget, right? Well a phone with creative apps is more suited for me because I find myself pretty creative (shameful self-praise, LOL). I also love playing games so I look for phones that I can use a lot and suited my interests and needs. I always look for a phone that can do more than messaging and making calls, it's just my thing, I always look for products than can do more.

So anyway, here's some examples of why I chose iPhone instead of BB: I can do gorgeous photo edits like these...



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