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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A friend of mine who works in the foreign ministry government just got back from his tenure in Australia. He spent about 4 years there. We had a little welcoming home party and spent the night exchanging stories. He told us many stories and experiences that he had during his four years stay there. As part of the embassy staff he had to attend several events, most of them were formal events held by the embassy. Sometimes he also got invitation to attend some australia corporate events as part of his social activity.

A lot of those events took place at beautiful venues around the country. Being an architectural and interior decoration enthusiast I always ask him about all the beautiful details of those venues. He would told me about how beautiful the scenery is, or how vast and majestic the area, or how large and how luxurious the venue building is. 

I know there are a lot of buildings and luxury estates out there that are available for rent which are suitable for holding parties and events such as wedding parties, corporate events, or product launching events, etc. And those venues usually have beautiful landscaping and impressive building. It could be a big house, a beautiful villa, or a large dome-shaped building, or it could be a very unique venue. 

Whenever I got invited to an event I always pay attention to the decorations or the personal details on the venue in which the event were held. I can't help it, I'm just like that, I always appreciate every little details in many things :)


  1. Corporate events can introduce you to some pretty amazing party or meeting venues. Hope you get to expore more beautiful places =)

  2. Well, your information is very useful for them who are looking for the event venues as corporate event location in los angeles provides lawns and also historic rooms which makes great places to launch products as also entertain and generally grab peoples attentions.

  3. True, there are a lot of venues to choose from especially those who are catering corporate events.


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