What's behind a Logo ?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you ever wondered about the logos of famous brands and companies? The philosophy and the story behind the logos always intrigue me. The famous brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Apple, and so on, are so powerful and recognized everywhere. 

Logo's if designed right and well-thought, will reach many cultures and break barriers worldwide. That's why big companies spends a lot of efforts and resources for logo creation just to get the message of their company the right way and to get that message across the globe. If you want to see some great logo designs you might want to check out Logo Design Works as I found some great works that they have done for miscellaneous brands and products. There are so much you can tell just by seeing a logo.

The stories behind the logo's also gives out the historical background of the design itself. For instance, the story of the Apple logo, their first logo was a picture of an apple tree featuring Isaac Newton sitting underneath. But then they changed it with an apple with it's right side bitten. There is no Apple Computer name on it, just an image of an apple, but everyone knows what it represents.

I for one, love the Chanel logo, it is such a simple logo but yet so symbolic. It symbolizes elegance, luxury, wealth and heritage.. well at least that's what I think ;) The double letter C's interlocking is designed by Coco Chanel herself back in 1925, and hasn't been changed ever since. I think it's just clever thinking!

So, what's your favorite logo?

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