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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I love stationary! I remember I used to collect cute letter set and envelopes and small notebooks and stickers and such when I was a child, and then me and my friends would swapped it so we each have different collections. I remember I put all my collections in a big Snoopy folder, my favorites were the vintage floral ones and the pastel fairies one. Ooh I'm such a romantic at heart ;)

And then when I was a teenager I lost all of my collection but started making a new collection of pretty books and cards for all occasions. And then that collection also lost forever because our family moved to a new house.

When in college I started to collect cute and unique postcards. I also had a couple of cute unique journals which I decorate with lots of colorful notes, magazine cut-outs, stickers, photoboxes, and other curious small trinkets. But that's not a real stationary collection, right? I mean, I'm talking about the cute and pretty boxes of cards, letter sets, notebooks, envelopes, notes, colorful unique pencils, pens, stickers, ribbons, gift wraps, etc.. All the adult stationary that I always drooled at when I see them on catalogues and magazines and websites such marthastewart.com or anthropologie.com. There are some serious cute and elegant looking stationaries there.

I am now still has a soft spot for pretty stationaries, it brings sparks to my eyes whenever I see one that I liked. But I sadly don't collect any of them anymore. But maybe I would start collecting them again? hmm...tempting...

                                                Source: riflemade.squarespace.com via Tigerlily on Pinterest

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