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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Please excuse my sporadic blogging, I've been overwhelmed with my broken laptop lately (something to do with the hard disk - again!). Anyway, I would just gonna make a quick post because as usual it is now in the middle of the night, and tomorrow I have to wake up early because I have a housewarming invitation to attend to.

So, did you remember about my post a while back where I list some worldwide freebies that you can get online? In other words: "free stuffs that available for worldwide addresses" ?
Well, I'm here to report about what I got so far from the list. You can see the whole freebie list here, and below is what I have received so far:

The World Expedition Travel Brochures

These World Expedition Travel Brochures were the first freebie from the list that I received. I actually received most of the catalogs requested, aside from this World Expedition Travel Brochures, I also received:

- Slovenia Travel Brochures
- Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog
- Talbots Catalog
- LL Bean Catalog
- Garnet Hill Catalog

How 'bout you? I know some of you also requested the freebies, so did you received anything?

Oh and if you live in Indonesia, I have additional freebies to add to your list! Last month I got these two freebies in my doorstep:

A medium sized package from Viva Cosmetics with these skincare & cosmetics samples as below:
All you have to do is join as member in Viva Cosmetic website by filling out the member form, and then they will send complimentary samples of their products. Every one will get different products on their package, and I have reviewed the samples on my fashion & beauty blog here: Two Thousand Things

And, if you can't find freebies, always check for beauty coupons to save money on most cosmetics.

And one more freebies to share is these cat food samples from Whiskas:
It comes in a big plastic container, and here's what's inside:
 A sample of Whiskas dry food for cats and a pouch of wet food for cats

Your cats would definitely thank you, and you know how sometimes cat food can be expensive, right? You can grab these samples by joining Whiskas Indonesia Facebook Fanpage (you have to "like" the fanpage first and follow the instructions from there).

Olraity, there you go!
I hope you get all your freebies, and if you know other freebies (locally or Internationally) please let us know ;)


  1. Itu yang Viva ada expired timenya ga ya :O dan berlakunya cuman cewe ato cowo juga bisa? Gw ngisi juga soalnya :p

  2. Hi Bob,
    Kayanya sih bisa buat semua form nya, tapi ya dapetnya tetep brg2 viva secara random ;)

    Thanks for stoppin by yaa..

  3. Iya soalnya gw ngisi dan kaya ga ada promo sample apa2, uda ngisi juga ga ada confirmation di email =_=

    Ya sama2 hahaha gw lagi mau mule nyari freebies, kalo dari indo jarang ya, kalo dari luar suka kena cukai biasanya

  4. Bob, kalo yg bangsa catalog gitu2 biasanya ga kena charge apa2 kok, kaya terima surat aja hehe Kalo yg brg2 sample kecil2 gitu palingan cuma byr 3000 doang ntar ama pak pos nya, biaya bungkus ulang disini ;) - pak pos nya ntar yg anter ke rumah, byr di tempat. Itu fee nya jg resmi kok dr kantor pos nya :)


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