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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When I was in college I love to hunt freebies from the internet. Me and my bestie Epi always spent a lot of time browsing the internet just to hunt for some freebies. There are a lot of freebies that were sent to us almost every day. From catalogs to perfume samples, books, travel mugs, stickers, toothpaste samples, pins, tote bags, etc, you name it!
I even made my first website because of that. My first-ever website was about International freebies. Back at that time it's hard to find freebies that were available to Indonesia because most of them are only listed for US addresses. So I have to dig in deeper to find freebies that can be sent to my country (aka worldwide). So to make it easier to other freebie hunter like myself I made a website where I listed every freebie links I got that available for worldwide. I even categorized them and wrote some info if I did received it and how long does it take for me to receive it. Yup, that was my first ever website ;p

It always felt nice to receive something from the mail / delivery man, when you came home and found a package on your door, it almost feel like receiving gifts every week ^o^ But then we graduated from college and moved back to Jakarta, and just got busy with work and family. And then I got busy with my online store, and then I moved on to managing my blogs where I had the chance to received lots of goodies and freebies too, most of them are from my blog's sponsors and souvenirs or doorprize from events. 

But today I don't know what hit me, I started to hunt down some freebies again. Free things that websites and companies sent you for free, right to your doorstep. And just like the old time, most of the freebies were for US addresses only, but now it's much easier to find companies or websites that are willing to send the freebies to worldwide address. So here is some list of the freebies that I found today, these freebies are available to Indonesia addresses (aka available for worldwide):

- Free Tape Measure from Perry Uniform
- Coffee samples from Ethiopian Specialty Coffee (I didn't ordered this one because I don't have a coffee grinder)
- LL Bean Catalogs (clothing catalog)
- Garnet Hill Catalog (clothing & home decor catalog)
- Talbots Catalog (clothing catalog)
- Hammacher Catalog (household & gifts catalog)
- Free Mini Christmas Tree ( I didn't order this one because I don't celebrate Christmas but I thought I'd put the link here so you can order if you want :D )
- Safety Kit from Graco (baby stuff)
- World Expeditions Travel Brochures ( I love travel brochures! It's another way to see places I've never been to! )
- Slovenia Travel Brochures (click the "Place an order" tab and then pick three!)
- Orkney Islands - Scotland Travel Brochures
- Hussana Body Care Sample (Halal beauty products)
- Skin Repair Essence from L'Essence D'Eau

Other freebies that I found today are some automotive catalogs that I ordered for hubby K.

So have fun ordering your freebies!
If I received any of the freebies above I'll post about it :)
And if you decided to order some freebies too please do tell us if you received yours ^__^

NOTE: Oh and if you live in the US or have a US address I have a Wayfair Bag Giveaway on my fashion blog, if you win you can choose between a leather handbag or an ostrich clutch!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I signed up for a few :)

  2. Thank you so much for the info :)
    I've ordered some samples from the link above..hehehe

  3. Hi Briannelee & Shasha..
    I'm glad you find it useful ;)
    I just received my World Expeditions Travel Brochures a few days ago, I hope you'll receive yours soon ^__^

  4. hi tiger lily , thnks for posting abt these freebies ,, i tried to order the slovenia travel brocure, but there seems to be no tab for ordering when i open the page..


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