We're a Quitter!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Me & hubby are a quitter. We're both a quitter when it comes to smoking, that is. Well, we were not what you called a heavy smoker anyway. We've been a quitter for several years now. I quit first. my main reason was because I got sick due to stress + smoking. Yes, it is a HORRIBLE combination for your health. So anyway quitting was kinda easy for me because of the traumatized situation ( I was hospitalized). But for my hubby it's kinda difficult at first because he does smoke everyday and although he keeps saying that he wants to quit but somehow it's difficult to actually start doing it.

Finally he strengthen his will, and just started reducing it first. Every day he starts reducing until he finally made it without any cigarette! And when he finally did it, we celebrate his success (good for continuous motivation!). But I know this simple way might not work on some people, like I said my husband is not a really heavy smoker to begin with so this method is simple enough for him to do, but maybe not for everyone else, especially for the heavy chain-smoker.

There are other ways to try to stop smoking though, from therapy to hypnosis, you can always search for it by using search engines, you can research about ways to stop smoking.

The newest method I've heard about quitting smoking is the Electronic Cigarettes. I've heard a lot about it from my friends, they come in different shapes but some of them looked like real cigarette (above pic) but the difference is they are not actually a real cigarette. It is basically a portable electrical device that simulates the feeling of inhaling a cigarette / tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled mist that provides the "sensation of smoking".

This is of course healthier than smoking because it has no tobacco in it, but it still delivers the experience of smoking. There are many electronic cigarettes or E-cigarettes brands out there but as always, you could do some research first, find a web or a page about " electroniccigarettereview " and see the options.

Lastly, keep in mind that "the greatest wealth is health" ! ^o^


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