I SPY: Valentine Candles

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Blog Series!
This is where I will post my choices on a certain specific item, the purpose is so that I can list my personal choices and can narrowed it down later, and I hope you could also do the same.
Example: if I want to look for cute floral plate set and by any chance you're in need of a cute floral plate set too..then I will hunt all the places online and try to find several choices that I will post here including links so that you can just look at my choices here and decide, rather than look for them yourselves because I know sometimes it's really frustrating to look for something on the internet, and sometimes you just don't have the time to do it. But come to think of it... I think this would work better if you have similar taste as me hahaha - LOL


I love candles!
I always love candles..

I love the scent that lingers and I love the various shapes and containers that would act as decorative items as well. One of my dream is to collect them in many different scents and shapes.
Well, Valentine's Day is on Monday, do you have any plans? I don't ^o^ But just incase you're planning something this Monday with your loved one, here are some valentine-approved candles to help set the ambiance especially if you decide to just have a lovely night at home alone with your significant other.

Red Flower Moroccan Rose Candle
Memo Sexy St.Tropez in Tuberose and Champagne
Dyptique tuberose

Voluspa candle in Suede Blanc  (that's rich cedar with notes of soft sueded leather to you, thank you very much)
Floris candle in Jasmine Rose
Godiva in Strawberry Rose
True Grace in Moroccan Rose
Jonathan Ward Rouge Peonies in Paris
Blush candle in a pink tin!

And if you think 9 candles are not enough, why not buy rose candles in bulk? Especially if the packaging is this cute:
English Rose scented candles in jars set! Perfect for souvenirs if you're having a Valentine's party ;)

And that are my choices for Valentine's candles! I try to choose candles with various prices so you all will get wider options. Oh and I've put the respective links on every pictures so you won't get lost (no need to thank me) ;P

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. No advertiser fees are being paid for me, I just simply want to share the info to you ^__^


  1. I'm especially fond of Voluspa candles!

  2. I commented on your "I spy: Valentine Candles" post
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  3. Love the second candle - Tuberose is my daughter's favorite scent and is really hard to find in candles!

  4. This post was truly mesmerizing! I Love candles and this post was so very informative ! Thanks! :)


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