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Saturday, January 8, 2011

As years gone by, we are now started thinking to seriously get ourselves some good insurances. Health insurance are already covered by my husband's office, and I have a personal hospital insurance. So now we are thinking of getting insurance for our car and our other valuable things (although we don't have many valuable things in our house ;p). I started to think that insurance is kind of important, you'll never know what's gonna happen to you and by having insurance you will at least feel a little bit secured.

But getting an insurance quote is quite a hassle and sometimes when they say it's free, it's not actually free. There are some hidden fine print that in the end of the day you'll be shelling out money. Who wants to be suckered like that? I surely don't. I'm no insurance expert but if you ask me i would surely advise you to read your forms first and try to get a little knowledge on common insurance essentials so you don't get fooled.

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Trying to choose which insurance company is important too. I know there are a lot of companies who offer good insurance quotes out there but most of them has difficult rules and too many details to pay attention to, I prefer a much simpler one with enough benefits to cover our needs.

I tried to search for local insurance company that truly gave out free insurance quotes and pretty fast at it too, I found some of them but I haven't decide which one is the best among my choices of local websites that offer insurance quotes. While for my USA followers I learned that one of the most recommended is www.freeinsurancequotes.org. They provide insurance quotes for car, home & life insurance all at one place. If only there is an Indonesian version of that website..

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