Does anyone have a gold collection?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My late grandfather has a fine collection of coins. He once traveled to neighboring countries in his youth, and got some memento's on his way back. Most of them are coins. Those coins are from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, US coins, and some European coins, the majority of those coins dated back in 1940-50's.

I used to have such a great time when he showed his collections, which now my father keeps in his private stash. I wonder how much they're worth now, are they collectible items or not. Maybe they're not much of an investment, but it's pretty much a wonderful collection.

Gold Coins

I was reading other people's collectibles which they meant as an investment also. Some collect rare memorabilia of famous personalities, others collect cars, and some collect coins just like my gramps. The difference is, it's made of gold.

I know, I know, there's a big difference between regular coins and gold coins. Gold prices are not to be compared with collectible items...Last I checked, the price of gold is around IDR 430000 or about US$ 45 per gram.
1940's coins may be around US$ 10 I presume. I'm not a collector, so I'm guessing here. But who doesn't love gold? Gold price skyrocketing in the last decade, it's bound to make any person wanting their hands on it.

So to keep in mind, when you spot gold, or happen to have a gold spot on your collection, make sure you put it in a bank, or somewhere no one has access to. Because it's sure is one heck of an investment!

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