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Thursday, December 30, 2010

As an animal lover I'm thrilled to just recently found out that you could actually donate your car to help provide food, shelter and care for animals in need! This post is especially for my US readers who are an animal lover like myself. By donating your car you will be supporting the efforts to end animal cruelty and therefore reduce animal sufferings, hopefully it will eventually bring a great change for animals.

There's an organization called Cars Helping Pets where you could donate car for pets. Cars in any condition are accepted. Please be an angel if you have an old car or a broken one that you don't use anymore in your garage and donate it with a simple car donation process. Your donated vehicle will be sold at the highest possible value and the proceeds will be used to help reduce animal cruelty and to provide medical treatment and caring for countless animals through out the nation.

Look at these cute faces..

don't you wanna help them?

Donation is easy. You can use their online car donation form (auto donations accepted nationwide) or call their friendly staff who will help you through the donation process. Once your donation is submitted you can arrange for pick-up and they will send you your IRS tax deductible car donation receipt.

As previously mentioned, they accept cars in any condition therefore you can donate your car even though it's a non-running car. Every car donation will be valuable to Cars Helping Pets! And don't worry about the towing fee, it's free too! All you have to do is arrange the time for pick-up and be a hero ^__^

Remember, with your car donations animals will be saved!

You can read their FAQ page to read more details about how to donate cars.
And if you wish to call them: 1.888.990.4PET(738).


  1. Great quest! Continue your commitment to help pets. I hope that more people will support this cause.

  2. I came across to your page and I'm glad that there are organization to help and support animals. Keep up the great work!


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