Travel Wish List : Australia

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One of the foreign country that I'd like to visit is Australia. It's actually a neighboring country of Indonesia so it's not that far yet have a very different culture from us. It's a different continent from Asia so it's a very interesting place to visit. There are many places and cities in Australia that I'd like to visit, such as Sydney with it's famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge, the old buildings in Victoria, or the famous Bondi beach, all the shopping experience and the theme parks!! Yes, definitely the theme parks, because it's waaay more daring than what we have in Indonesia.

Other plan on my wish list is to visit the beautiful Fraser Island or The Great Barrier Reef or taking the Puffing Billy Train Ride within the Yarra Valley in Melbourne, it all sounds like an exciting adventure! Not to mention  seeing the Kangaroos and the cute Koalas that i'd like to take pictures with ^o^

And after a few days or a week of spending holiday in Australia, don't forget to buy some Australian Souvenirs for the family and friends at home ;)  A cute koala shaped doll or cowboy kangaroo would look cute for souvenirs, or perhaps something more luxurious such as Sheep Skin Products? Sheep skin make a wonderfully cozy keepsake for your loved ones and Australia is quite identical with sheep's products so it's an original souvenir.

It is on my wish list to visit Australia someday, I would surely tell my stories here if I ever get there ;)  And I know I WILL! ;p


  1. Fraser Island is a good Christmas wish... truly a paradise on earth! Forests growing on sand, and pristine lake waters!

  2. I love this post because I have a dream to go to Australia too.

    why I am's because I got many australian souvenirs from my mother who ever go there for many times but I haven't yet. so I would like to go Australia too someday..
    I hope this is not just an empty dream. I hope my dream comes true


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