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Monday, October 18, 2010

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Halloween is up upon a corner, have you prepared your home for Halloween festive? If you need some inspiration for your Halloween party decor I have done a Halloween Party theme illustration in my "Party Planner" series, it's a series where I pretend to be a party planner and made a post on how to decorate your party by themes. You can check the Halloween party theme by clicking here. And after that, you can also check these DIY crafts below:

You can learn how to make these easy DIY pumpkin crafts at All You website.

This black cat pumpkin is soooo cute I think this would be perfect as a gift for my black cat Blackey!

And if you need costumes (with worldwide free shipping!!) then you might want to consider Flaunt on Fashion. I did a review on their Naughty School Girl costume and it was such an awesome costume! I could even wear it as a daily wear. Costumes that can be worn as a daily wear is sort of like an investment ^o^


My brother's side job is a freelance photographer and graphic designer. He sometimes took portraits of me and my family and then edit it as a project and portfolio. He also did my hubby's pictures the other day, the theme was a Japanese Yakuza. He use his Samurai collection as props and then took the pics in a dark dingy room. We never saw the edited results until a few weeks ago when he said that a local graphic design magazine called VisualGrip interviewed him and wrote a feature article on him, the article includes a portfolio of his works and hubby's yakuza pics were in it!!

Hubby made his way in a magazine !


I got an email the other day from the director of Fresh fruit Pie. He direct an indie production studio that makes family films. Their mission is to raise the bar of quality on family entertainment, and likewise, created a video series that both parents and kids will love. It's called "Fresh Fruit Pie," and it's sort of like a family-friendly "Saturday Night Live."

The online premiere for "Fresh Fruit Pie" is on October 19-21. The entire film will be available for free live streaming for 48 hours at their website. Click here to go to their website for viewing and for more info on their mission.


You did know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, right? I did a style challenge in my fashion blog to raise awareness for the Breast Cancer. And did you remember my Scrubz review? It's the best sugar scrub I've tried so far (love the chocolate dreamz scent!). Now to help raise awereness for Breast Cancer, Scrubz is offering a special discount:

For the whole month of October, you can use the coupon code FIGHTCANCER (all caps) at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase,
donate 25% to Komen Greater NYC.

if you just want to donate, you can help by donating online via
Every single dollar makes a difference!

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