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Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh so many cute things in the oh-so-many virtual stores here on the internet.. Spent my time lusting over these...

Funchico laptop case from Raine Brooke
Not like your ordinary laptop case, this screams 'uber vintage chic' ;P

What's this, you asked?
why these are the TMNT pillow set!!

yessiree...this is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pillow set! from Craftsquatch via etsy.
I used to love TMNT when I was a child (well,actually I still am ;p). And these are so cute I couldn't say no to this, could you?! ^o^

If you understand all the words in the above tees then you're in my gank ^o^
I found these collectible tshirts in Evie Tees via etsy.
Can't wait for the HP and the deadly hallows part 1 movie to be aired here!
oh by the way, you could have a chance on winning this tee on book worm confession website!


  1. That laptop case is to die for. I wish I had one also! I put my laptop on a tote bag, haha, I want this!

    Nice post.


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