if nurses would dress this cute..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A few days ago I've spent 5 days in a hospital when hubby was down with a dengue fever, it would be nice talking to friendly nurses and doctors to help beat the boredom of sitting alone in the treatment room when hubby is asleep. I was lucky because the hospital's nurses where hubby was hospitalized were very nice (unlike previous experiences of unfriendly hospital's nurses) but it would help a little if they wore a cheerful and bright uniforms instead of those slightly intimidating white scrubs. Well, this is just my 2 cents.. ^o^

If only more nurses and doctors would wear scrubs like above, I bet none of us or our children would be afraid of going to the hospital. The boring white uniform are already identical with horror hospital stories, unfriendly nurse, meds and operation table (okay,I'm going too far) but let's imagine a friendly hospital with employees in Nursing Scrubs that's not so different from everyday wear...they will be more approachable for patients and their families :)

So if you're in the hospital business, do consider these nursing scrubs. I trust it will do good for your business ^o^

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