I would love to study at JCU Singapore because..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have a bachelor degree in International Relations, but although I finished my study a few years back I still love to learn something new and broaden my knowledge. Sometimes I dreamed of applying master degree in overseas university. If that should happen, I mean if I miraculously received a scholarship to study at oversea university of my choice, I would consider applying to JCU Singapore. Why? well first because it's just a stone-throw away. It's only 2 hours flight from Jakarta, the closer to home the better. That means it would be cheaper on the fee (compared to studying at other countries such as Europe or USA), and you can just hop on the plane and fly home if needed (plane fares are quite affordable).

JCU stands for James Cook University. JCU Singapore is part of James Cook Australia, Institute of Higher Learning - the leading tropical research university in Australia. The university established the company in Singapore in 2003 as part of it’s expressed intent of internationalizing its activities and in pursuit of its vision of “Providing a Better Life for People in the Tropics”.

Secondly, because it's one of the most promising international university within the nearby countries. This university is on the 4% best universities in the world. The programs offered at JCU Singapore follows the same curriculum as the Australian versions but are contextualized to the Asian environment, so it's easier to adapt with, while maintaining it's international qualities. What more could you asked for?

And thirdly, because it's in Singapore! I've been having a life-long dream that I'll work or study and live in Singapore in parts of my adult years because I simply just love the city/country. I've fallen in love with Singapore since the first time I went there in 1997! The cleanliness, the easy transportation, and the melting-pot environment where you could meet a lot of people from a lot of different races and citizenship. I bet I would get that at JCU Singapore too (if me or hubs got a scholarship there, dreamily speaking.. ;p).

I could definitely picture myself in these rooms:

computer lab

library, my favorite hang out place

student food court, my second favorite hang out place ;p

basketball court, where you could spy on that cute jocks

student lounge,
look at that nooks! I could definitely see myself with a laptop, coffee and some hot buns ^0^

JCU Singapore offers a suite of university level programs for Undergraduate, Post graduate and Doctorate levels on studies such as psychology, business, marketing, information technology, tourism, and environmental science.

I know I've been dreaming of taking post graduate class someday, I might convince hubs to move to Singapore so I can study at JCU Singapore. Hmm...which class should I take? I would love to study business or marketing, or maybe information technology, who knows?

If you're interested in JCU Singapore you can check out their Facebook fan page (psst,if you happen to see my photo there:
you can click 'Like' under my photo and make me happy :D) or you can also check their website where they got everything you need to know as a foreign student living and studying in Singapore (they even have accommodation service for students). There are also many active student clubs to join, sounds like a very great place to mingle and gain knowledge. I might start a new club of my own there -lol. A girl can dream, can't she? ^__^

*Pics source: JCU Singapore
*this post is part of the JCU Singapore - Pesta Blogger 2010 blog contest


  1. i just got back from singapore on thurs and going again end this month. love spore nad OZ not sa bad either.


  2. Hello Lily, thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog :) yeah, i heard OZ is beautiful, i'd like to go there someday :)

  3. Thanks for sharing a great your opinion!

    I read your informative information and like it. Keep up sharing such a helpful information..


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