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Friday, October 15, 2010

Still continuing on the 'hubby got ill' theme, I'd like to share another thing to you. I'm sorry if I bore you but it's been a new experience for us as a newly married (3yrs) couple where we do things just on our own. Anyway, it was sad to see him so sick. Living in a tropical country, dengue fever is a common illness. My husband has to be hospitalized for 5 days and luckily his company provided him with health care insurance which covers almost 95% of the hospital bills. I could never be thankful enough with that, you know how expensive hospitals are. So insurance really matters!

Hubby's insurance also covered my part so if I got sick I'm covered too. I'm also covered by another insurance company which I personally applied for, way back since I was just started working. At that time an agent offered me a health care plan which only need a small monthly payment compared to the benefit that i'll have in return. It's pretty much a hassle-free arrangement, I made sure I read the business insurance quotes and everything first. If you need to know more about insurance, the internet basically has a lot of information on every kind of insurance types and which one that would suit you best. A lot of them are explained on, you can even test your basic insurance knowledge there so you won't get fooled by shady insurance agents.

My husbands' company provides their employees with a pretty decent group health plan, it covers almost our basic health care needs such as doctors, meds, dental care, and reading glasses. And for the wives, it cover pregnancy up until labor cost too. We're lucky enough to have these benefits and I think it's a must for everyone to have a good health care plan to ensure their health are covered, that'll be one less problem to think about.

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