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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm sorry for the long hiatus. I was busy visiting families for Eid celebration and it was a long holidays too here in Indonesia so I didn't really have time to catch up with blogging. Oh and to make things worse, last night when I was trying to start blogging again, my laptop broke!
We took it to the computer clinic and they said it was the hard disk that went nuts, and we must change it to a new one. But ALL of my blogging data and products photos were in there!! And alas we couldn't save it! Oh noooooooo....!!! Craaaappppp....!!(*sorry). That means i have to take NEW pictures of products photos ALL OVER AGAIN, aaargghhh....

So, apologize to my sponsors and to you lovely readers, I will have to delay some giveaways because I have to start all over again. Please bear with me..

Okay, inhale...... exhale.....

To get my mind off the bad news I decided to just browse about some comfort foods and a few things that could at least makes me smile. Enjoy below..
(clicking the pics will take you to the pic source)

Mixed Green salad with pecans, goat cheese, and honey mustard vinaigrette

Blackberry Frozen Yoghurt

Roast Beef (okay, this is not comfort food but a full stomach could make you happy and content ;p)

Chicken Parmesan (the same goes with this chicken parmesan ;p)

Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Rustic Tart

Russian Doll / Matryoshka

"tea times" domino tile collage sheets

Simple things could make you happy :)

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