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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Again, I'm really sorry for my absentia. My internet connection been really bad for these past 3 days, maybe because of the heavy rain we're having here. Anyway, now it's back to normal (i think) so I'm planning to write all my posts for next week while the connection is still good. Thank GOD for blogspot who made it possible to write posts and upload it later (planned posts).

Okay, let's move on..
I used to have a routine post called "Site-Walker" about new websites I've found on the internet. So here's my attempt to bring back the "Site-Walker" posts again ^o^

One of my friend's kid will be having a birthday next week. I'm not sure on what to give as a birthday gift so i've been browsing for a while and found this website called Growing Tree Toys that offer children's toys. There are a lot of toys offered at the website, including some Award winning toys and educational toys. The website is easy to navigate too and the toys options are so many you don't want your child looking at the screen because then they will scream of wanting this and that ^o^ Anyway, here are a some of my choices for good educational toys, some of them are even eco-friendly! :

The Calico Critters Townhome!
Complete with working lights, moveable staircase and an extra floor area piece. This 2-story, 4-room townhouse also features a room divider for making a 5th room, perfect for the growing Calico Critters family! The open-and-close design creates many pretend play opportunities and gives kids the chance to rearrange and redecorate!

The ZipBin Dinosaur Play Mat!
A playmat/Storage Bin
that unzips to reveal a dinosaur playscape with a volcano, river, tar pit, and mysterious cave. easy to clean-up toys (a few zips and it's stored!) and it folds flat for easy storage too!

The Petal Purse Sewing Kit!
Colorful purse to tote around for the girls crafts project. This craft kit includes pretty pink felt flowers, other felt pieces, yarn, and ball-tipped needles to make a fantastically flowered purse with green vine strap. It also includes supplies to make a flowered change purse and a pencil caddy.

The Little Hands String & Beep Wooden Stringing Set!
A great manipulative activity for toddlers, this wooden Stringing Set includes 12 colorful wooden cars and vehicles that kids can lace on to the cotton lace with the attached wooden needle. To make sure these pieces stay laced together, the set also features a wooden "stop" at the end of the lace for easy play.

The Perfumery Science Kit!
This science kit comes complete with elegant vials for storing the new concoctions from their perfumery or giving as gifts to friends. This kit introduces children to the special science behind the intoxicating world of exotic scents. Not only will kids get to smell some yummy scents, but they will also learn about the formulas for perfumes to help them sleep well or boost their energy.

The Find It Game (at the beach) !
This is a game that I personally would also like to try. I've read about this Find It Game before and has been very curious about it. This one is from their At The Beach series. This canister with blue plastic ends is filled with recycled plastic pellets which hide 39 different beach items inside! The challenge is to find all of the items, including the infamous hidden penny, lobster, walrus, sandal, starfish, and volleyball, etc. But it's not that easy! You have to spin it, twist it, shake it and search, search, search! This game also includes a tear off tally pad to use as a checklist.

Hmm... I wish we have that kind of toys back then (*sigh). Anyway, there are also a "Gift Guide" and "Gift Finder" section on the website which is a great addition for a person like me whose confused on finding the right gifts for toddlers or children alike. They also have Deal Of The Day: One toy, at a super discount price, until it is gone!

Great website to check out if incase you need to buy some good toys ^__^

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