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My Cute Pantzies (+Giveaway!)

By Thursday, June 03, 2010 , ,

Ouwh I'm really sorry I haven't posted anything since last week. I was overwhelmed with some other things that I have to do and I couldn't get a chance to touch my laptop. I didn't even have time to check on my twitter via my mobile phone. And just today I finally got the chance to open my laptop again and read my emails and just found out that I've missed an event, a cool event with fab guest stars ;(

Well, anyway, now I'm back again, and with a new giveaway to you my loyal readers. But first of all, just want to let you know that because of the low entries so the Wee Gallery giveaway is extended, you still have time until June 6 to enter the giveaway. Okay, now back to topic, two weeks ago I received this:

Looks cute, isn't it? What are those cute animal print thingy, you asked? Well, It's Pantzies!!
Pantzies are the first and only printed fabric panty liner on the market which was specially created by acclaimed fashion designer Laura Stearn.

You know how I love animal print ^o^ so when I saw the prints I fell in love instantly. These panty liners are not your usual kind, this one is chic, cute and ecologically conscius! Who wouldn't want to change their old plain pantyliners with these cuties? These Pantzies are made of a silky soft premium jersey knit fabric, like the one used in high end designer dresses! They are sanitized too! The sanitizing formula used in Pantzies is EPA approved and registered for use on textiles for underwear and socks. In short,
the fabric is specially treated to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria to ensure your liners stay bacteria-free, hygienic, and quick drying!

Not to mention that Pantzies are also hypo-allergenic,
water resistant, and has non-latex pressure-sensitive adhesive. It's also been tested and proven safe for use on human skin, and safe to use as underwear, even under water!

Yes, you didn't read it wrong, Pantzies can be worn under water when you're swimming!
That's because they're water-resistant and because they came in
three different adhesive strengths that suitable for specific fabrics and needs:
  • Pantzies original for almost all fabrics and applications
  • Pantzies Daintzies for delicate and fine lingerie, lace and mesh
  • Pantzies Sportzies for fabrics that are slippery like nylon/spandex, and for vigorous activity and tight fitting clothing when you need more 'stick'; such as in bathing suits, workout wear, jeans, and pants.

That's where Pantzies set the difference. And you know what else that makes Pantzies different from other pantyliners? You can put Pantzies in your panties or even use it as a panty substitute! Yes, you can use it in your pantyhose, tights, Spanx, tummy tuckers, shorts, or on your pants and jeans as a panty substitute. You can also wear it with your work out wear, yoga pants, leotards, basically any outfit you have in your wardrobe :)

Pantzies also come in three different shapes:

  • Panty shape for full back panties, pantyhose, leotards, Spanx or loose fitting pants.
  • Thong shape for thong back underwear and leotards, and
  • Pant shape for tight fitting jeans, pants, and work out wear.

Lucky for me, I got to review both the Panty shape and the Thong shape.
I found that they are quite comfortable to wear with or without panties. They keep me protected from bodily fluids and or stains. They stay dry longer than other panty liner brands and the various bold prints makes me happy :)
The adhesive is stronger than my usual panty liner's so you might want to use it carefully on your first time because it really stick on places even your fingers ^o^ But after you put it on, you will feel a difference. You will find yourself feeling clean and dry and I even forgot that I was wearing it because it's comfortable enough.

I also love the fact that they come in a variety of beautiful prints.
Each pack has 4 different prints to match your outfit or your mood. At the website they have two packs to choose:
  • Fashion pack for the stylish look (prints: leopard, lavender zebra, antique floral, navy & pink plaid)
  • Fun pack for a lively and fresh look (prints: raspberry pink leopard, pink & black zebra, 70's flower power, aqua polka dot)

I got both the Fun print pack and the Fashion print pack, and I love them both! :D
You can look at their website to see the assorted prints. One pack has 16 panty liners ( 4 prints ). And they cost $7.95 each pack. And they are RE-USABLE too! Just wash them carefully, go here to read about how to re-use the Pantzies.

  1. For a limited time they offer FREE SHIPPING on your order.
  2. Buy 3 boxes any style of Pantzies and receive a 4th for FREE!

Thanks to Pantzies, I have two packs of Pantzies to give away to one lucky TB readers!

Please pay attention to The RULES before you enter.

(To be eligible for this giveaway contest you MUST do the MANDATORY below. You only need 1 Mandatory entry to enter, but you could also have Additional entries to maximize your chances, please remember to leave each entry in a separate comment box or it won't be counted)

To ENTER (MANDATORY) : You must visit Pantzies at HY-Jean Corp, take a look around at the website and then come back here and tell me in a comment on this post, which Pantzies would you like to try and why. (1 entry)

For Additional entry :

  • Follow Tigerlily's Book with Google Friend Connect (must be a visible follower). Look for it in my sidebar. (2 entries) - put each entry in a separate comment box
  • Subscribe to my Email subscription (find link at the lower part of the sidebar) so you won't miss out on the giveaways again! (2 entries)
  • Follow me via Subscriber or Twitter (find links in sidebar) then in a NEW separate comment write your id or email. If you're already a follower then just tell me your id/email and which subscription are you using. Don't forget to write in separate comment box for each of your subscriptions. You can find all subscription links at the right side bar. (1 entry for each subscription)
  • Blog about this giveaway with a link back here, leave the URL of your post in a NEW separate comment box. (2 entries)
  • Enter my other giveaways here on Tigerlily's Book (tell me which one) - look in the sidebar under "Current giveaways". (1 entry for each)
  • Comment on my "Non-Giveaway" posts in this blog and tell me which post ("Review only" post is okay). (1 entry for each)
  • Grab my badge and post it in your blog's side bar or homepage (find my badge in the side bar, just copy the html provided and paste it in your blog), don't forget to give me the link. (3 entries)
  • Add my link to your blogroll (give me the link where you put it). (2 entries)

NOTE : Remember to include your email in the comment box so I can reach you if you win.Your entries will be visible after my approval so All entries that does not apply with the rules will not be counted and I will not published the entry!

This giveaway will end on June 27, 2010 at 24:00 pm.
Yeah baby, this Giveaway is open for WORLDWIDE !
Winner will be announced here on June 21, 2010.

I will use random.org to pick the winning number. If the winner does not respond within 48hrs then I will have to choose another winner and will announce it again in my blog.

Good luck to everyone! ^__^

I did not receive any form of payment for this review and this is written based on my own honest opinion. The only compensation I received is the free product(s) provided by Pantzies for review purposes only, and this compensation DOES NOT influence my opinion at all which I expressed in this post.
The sponsor is the one who is fully responsible for sending the giveaway prize to the winners therefore I will not be held responsible for prizes that are not sent by the sponsors or for any lost shipment of the prize.

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