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Monday, June 14, 2010

If you're getting bored with your room and wants to re-decorate it but got no big funds then maybe you should consider putting up some wall graphic decals on the walls. It's less cheaper than having to re-paint the whole walls but it gave you a feeling of a "re-newed" room, especially when the graphic decal is this big:

I received this (around) 22inch x 30inch wall graphic from Dezign With a Z (they called it wall tattoos on their website). The big decals is called "In The Sound", it's available in their Character collection. While the smaller Butterfly decals in red is from their Animals collection. These vinyl wall stickers are easy to apply yet so easy to remove.

I haven't decided on where to put the bigger decal yet (we're thinking our TV room would be great but we're currently re-painting the room so the decal would have to wait a little bit). I put the smaller butterfly one near our bathroom door and it looks really nice there. The red color is vibrant and matte, and when it's up on the wall it looks similar to hand-painted murals so I know that the quality is great. Applying it is such an easy job too. They included the "How-To" in every package and you can see a video too in their website for more easier instruction.

Overall, I really love the quality of the decals. And the size is generous too. Plus the application is easy and they have really detailed information on their website that makes it easy to shop.

They also have the most creative, modern and funky design of wall decals. I think their designs are "different" from other similar websites. I love browsing their website, all the designs are unique, more like one of a kind. I like a lot of their designs, and they cover quite a lot of themes too.

Here's some of my fave decals on Dezign With a Z (can anyone please buy me this Cat decals?it looked a lot like my cat Blackey ;p):

One thing that I would also love to emphasize here is: the wall tattoo is actually customizable, meaning: you can choose the size and the color for it. Yes, I know! When I first learned that Dezign With a Z decals have color options I was quite in awe. Because I have browsed through several online website that also sell wall decals, but none of them have color option. And one thing I must also add is: the size. Unlike other decal stores that I have visited, Dezign With a Z offer a bigger size decals. In fact, their specialty is to manufacture the largest wall decals you will find on the market, and along with a wide panel of colors! They even have a Super Size section at their website!

Dezign With a Z is always at the front when speaking of designs and ideas. Their designs are fresh, exciting and very creative, perfect for the young at hearts. It really set them apart from the other wall decals store. One of their creative design is the "Glow In The Dark" decals which I never saw on other website that sell decals too before. And I think it's a great option! I love "Glow In The Dark" wall decals, especially this Neon Stars decals and/or this big size Tris Tree wall decals.

Another great option from Dezign With a Z is the Wall Mirrors! Oh I would love to get these in my apartment living room or bedroom (if I have one ;p).

This is not a reflective wall decal that you might find on other sites. This is made from a sturdy 100% mirrored acrylic/resin material. This is like a whole new level of decorating your wall!

These are some reasons why you should opt for Dezign With a Z:
  1. The designs are great, it looks modern, fresh and fun. And they have many option and themes to choose from.
  2. The price is affordable so you can re-decorate your room for less.
  3. You can order it by size and color (so it would suit your needs better).
  4. Application is easy. Removing it is also easy and won't leave marks even after many years (so said the website).
  5. It's long lasting and durable (so said the website).
For point 4 & 5, although I couldn't prove the durability yet but looking at the quality of the decal/wall tattoo I think it's really possible.

Dezign With a Z also offer a custom wall decals!
You can order a custom decals based on your own design or your company's logo or banner. That would be great for decorating office party or office lobby, don't you think?

One more thing, they ship worldwide! :D

Check their website here:

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