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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I loove bakery and patisserie.. The smell of the freshly baked breads makes me feel like I'm in heaven, heaven of buttery sweet and salty breads..hmm...yumm...
Me and hubby just bought 6 assorted breads this afternoon ;p talk about hunger pangs..
Since my therapist told me NOT TO EAT CHOCCOLATE for a while (so awful, poor me) so I got myself a croissant, warm apple delight (which is like an apple pie), and my favorite: coffee bun!
Hubby bought himself a dazzling chocolate cupcake (with the most thick of layered chocolate), another chocolate bread with warm chocolate inside that would melt if you slice open the bread (yeah, I know, heaven!), and a crunchy cheese stick bread.
We're both in heaven. Warm bread heaven.


I always love MoMa, ever since I saw it's catalog several years back. I fell in love with the store (and the museum too, of course!). They always have the most unique everyday items that I would love to collect in my own museum ;) I just got back from browsing their online MoMa Store and here's what I found for my "imaginary" kitchen (click the pic for links):

A colorful, durable and easy-to-clean cutting board from Antony Joseph (made in UK).

and a Whistler Cork Spice Rack by Francisco Vieira Martins (made in Portugal).


Talking about kitchen, I am always in awe whenever I see one of these Bento Box for kids. They make the cutest bento box!! Children would looove it, no children would hate their food ;) Japanese women are sooo creative, it's too cute to be eaten! Yes, it's all FOOD in there, people. Real food. KAWAII..!! ^o^

Can anyone pleaseee make me one of theeese, I would eat it all, I promise ^o^
All of these bento sets are from Flickr lady "bentomom", her kids must love her so much!


By the way, with the movie SATC2 coming out, do you know that I have a giveaway with a prize of Sex And The City tour on my fashion blog TWO THOUSAND THINGS? If you haven't, well go on already! Click here and enter the giveaway!

And while you're there on my fashion blog maybe you would be so kind and vote for me in the L'oreal Star Blogger campaign? Pretty please... :) You can find the link and read about it here. I would be forever grateful to you if you vote for me ^__^ and I would surely praise the grounds you walked on :D

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  1. they don't look good but i could say it's very tasty and yummy.

    Japanese woman made this for their husband and kids as their lunch/dinner meal or even going to picnic.

  2. Hi Aileen / Gustosa,
    You lived in Japan, right? I bet it taste yummy, and I love all the animal shapes in the bento box, couldn't imagine all the efforts put into it ;)
    And by the way, congrats on your winning too :D


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