Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First of all, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts around here because I got sick for the past week and couldn't find myself to write long posts, let alone doing review/giveaway posts. A big sorry for my sponsors and readers for this delay, but now that I finally got my mojo back, I'm trying to get back to writing and updating this blog again. Lots of reviews and giveaways coming soon :)

Second of all, the lucky hubby got another cool t-shirt!
I always love printed tees and or slogan tees, they look modern, cool and ultra hip. I also love to see hubby in it, and since he loves tees (I think every man love tees ;p) so he smiles widely when the package from Crooked Monkey finally came! His smile is even wider when we saw that the t-shirt comes with a super fab graphic design, a $5 Gift Card and a plastic of colorful banana candy!

Crooked Monkey is set up by two high school buddies. Their t-shirt collection focus on humor and vintage graphics. The legacy continues and now Crooked Monkey is available at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Kitson, ShopIntuition.com, Fred Segal and over 550 other fine retailers across the world (including Japan, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia) !

Crooked Monkey offer Men and Women T-Shirts (Thermal and Hoodies coming soon). I love their graphic selections, they offer cool graphics and cool slogan tees that would at least makes you smile ;)
Most of the t-shirts are 100% cotton and
the tees goes through a process of natural enzyme treatments to break down its cotton fibers to allow for a thinner, smoother feel. At Crooked Monkey they call it "Vintage Soft" because it just feels like you’ve had it for years.

For the Girls shirts, they are slim fitting to accentuate our curves. And it's extra long too, so you can layer it. While for the Guys shirts, they have a slimmer fitting than regular t-shirt, which will makes you look and feel good. And my hubby is a living proof of this.

Straight from hubby's mouth:
He confessed that he does feel good whenever he put on this tee, and I personally think he does look good in it too ;p. I like the shape of the t-shirt in his body line.
He also mentioned the super softness of the tee that makes it really comfortable to wear. He also like the quality of the fabric and the graphic, he said the design is very attractive and hip (hmm..that explains why he always seems to smile and grin widely whenever he wear the tee, like he's proud of something - I guess he must be proud wearing that cool tee ;p)
He also said that the fabric is cool and felt breezy so it allows his skin to breath under this hot and humid season.

Aaand he couldn't wait to wear it to see the movie "Eclipse" when it aired here!


Because according to Crooked Monkey website this t-shirt will be featured in the movie "Eclipse", the third installment of the Twilight series !!!

Hell-to-the-Yeah!! :D

This shirt is part of Crooked Monkey's new Graphic line. The graphic is an original sketch of the classic boombox. I love the detail of the graphic that makes it looks like a real sketch:

The shirt is Preshrunk (which I love - and all Crooked Monkey tees are preshrunk) and there's a "Crooked Monkey" logo on the back right shoulder (which every Crooked Monkey tees also have one at the back). I think it's a cute and unique way to put a logo, me and hubby like it:

And the monkey is cute too! Too cute not to be showcased ;)

And we also love the banana candy bonus!

bright colorful banana candy makes us happy ;D

Here are what you'll receive in your package when you buy Crooked Monkey shirt:
A)The awesome shirt you bought.
B)An invoice detailing the order.
C)Free Stickers, for you to place all around your house/dorm room/metro system.
D)Sometimes we also send out Banana Candy.
E)The piece of mind knowing you purchased the softest, funniest t-shirt on the internet.

They come out with 30 new designs every 6 weeks so don't forget to look at their website for cool new designs! Here are some of my favorites:

The shirts cost between $16 to $24,
and some of them are even on SALE as we speak!

So hurry up, check out Crooked Monkey website (which has a cool website design too!) and indulge yourself in their cool fab t-shirt collections.

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  1. So many to choose from! They look great! I´m sure your hubby loves getting something in return for having you at the computer so much! LOL!!
    Hope you are feeling better!




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