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Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow, I haven't been doing my Weekly Digest post for quite a while...I think now is the right time for it..

If you haven't seen my list of winners then I must assure you that people from all over the world really do win here in my blog :) I'm very glad to tell you that one of them has kindly written a post in her blog about her winning! Patricia from Argentina wins a gift certificate from Bored.Inc that she uses to get herself a free tote bag! She is one lucky Argentinian girl :D
Check her winning post here..

If you also wants to tell us your story of winning my giveaways pls feel free to contact me at yuri.kristi[at]gmail[dot]com


Remember my Save Your World Review & Giveaway? All the products they offer are all natural, organic and earth-friendly. They are now offering a Special Earth Mother Gift Bag, a special lavender scented regal blossom gift bag that would be perfect mother's day gift idea.

For just $24.99 you'll get: 12 oz Save Your Skin silky smooth body lotion, Save Your Skin moisturizing PH balanced shower and shaving gel, and Save Your Hair chemical-free conditioner along with an 8 oz Shampoo, all in Floral Delight scent.
This set also include a handcrafted bar of Regal Blossom moisturizing soap, Green Tea flavored Save Your Lips lip balm (this is good stuff - read my review here), and to remind her of her love for the environment there's also a Save Your Rainforest Wristband.

Why you should consider buying this special set?
Because other than those abundance of products for a low price of $24.99 you'll also get to donate to mother earth itself! That's because every purchase of this special gift bag would save 7 acres of rainforest for 1 year!! And that's how you shop, baby!


Received some packages today. It's from two companies that I can't wait to tell you guys. They sent me some items to review and I have scheduled them for next week posts so you will have to wait for my reviews next week because I don't want to spoil it now ;p
Hang on readers, it would have a worldwide giveaway ^__^
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And now it's time for Cats update!
It's been so long since I posted about my two cats. They are a full grown-up cats now but they are still as crazy and ridiculous as they were 2 years ago ;p I love them!

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