The unique concept of T-POST !

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When I was approached by T-Post via email I immediately turn to their website, but after looking at their website I got a bit confused, because T-Post is not like your ordinary online store. It's totally different because it has a unique way of selling t-shirts.

T-Post is a T-shirt magazine. Actually it's the world’s first wearable magazine. This is how they interpret T-post :

Offbeat news + Graphic t-shirt = T-post

Okay before you ask me more questions about that, I'd like to show you what I received from T-Post to review:

Well actually hubby is the one who got to review this T-post because well.. he's just lucky this time he love t-shirts and he practically lives in it so who would be a better reviewer than him, right?

So we received the t-shirt not long after they told me they have shipped it, so that should prove that the shipping is considered fast. We washed it in the washing machine and it comes out fine, it's still look like the first time we got it out of the parcel. Hubby wore it the next day, it looked great with denim and shorts because the style is casual and a bit roomy, not too fitted like many of modern Mens tshirt nowadays (which is a bit tight in the stomach area, and you know what that means: Bad Idea for men-who-don't-have-six-packs-torso-and-belly).

Before we tell you about our review of this t-shirt I think I should tell you more about T-Post itself. Just as I have told you above, T-post is a t-shirt magazine. And just like a real paper magazine, we don't know what the story is about or who's designed it until we get it in the mail (or until the new issue come out). So it’s gonna be like getting a surprise birthday present in the mail every month, you're not gonna know what you would receive next. But don't worry, before you decide to subscribe you can check out their previous releases / past issues on their website, and if you decide that you like their t-shirts then chances are you will like your next mystery t-shirt too :)
Overall, I think it's a great idea! A very unique great idea! It's very intriguing, perfect for the suspense lover ;p

Here's how it works:
First, you sign up for a subscription. Then, every five weeks, subscribers will receive a new t-shirt in the mail. Every t-shirt has News story on the inside and Artist interpretation of the story- on the front of the t-shirt. (more on this later)
The first t-shirt that you'll receive is the "Members issue" which you will receive within about three weeks. After that you'll have a new t-shirt in your mailbox every five weeks.
If you're wondering when your next t-shirt will arrived then you can check the web page for the exact release date.
The cost is 19 EUR per t-shirt or 200 SEK for residents of Sweden. But if I'm not mistaken they ship worldwide too.

Okay, now that you understand the whole concept of T-Post let's get back to hubby's T-Post.

Now here's what they mean by "Every t-shirt has News story on the inside and Artist interpretation of the story- on the front of the t-shirt".
Notice the shadow of the newspaper-like print on the inside of the t-shirt that shows through in the back (right pic)? Now that's the News Story printed on the inside of the t-shirt.
While the printed design on the front of the t-shirt (left pic) is the Artist interpretation of the News Story. Get it?

Here's what the t-shirt looked like from the front:

See the title of an article peeking through the neck hemline? That's the News Story, printed just like a magazine article. Again, it's printed on the inside of the t-shirt. Here's a closer look at the News Story / article :

This edition tells us about an explorer who found a lost eden by using google earth. And this is the first time in history that a new territory is discovered without actually first finding the physical place and then mapping it. It's a reversed order, the explorer actually spotted it with the help of google earth. (isn't the story amazing, by the way? the power of technology tck..tck..)

Anyway, the artist who designed this particular t-shirt (Daniel Brereton) depicts the lost eden by drawing pyramid gateway, sphinxes, jungle river, palm trees, and crocodile. And that's what the drawing on the front of the t-shirt is all about.

Overall, I love the unique concept of T-Post and we like the design on this one. It's colorful (and the color is vibrant), and it really depicts the article printed inside. Hubby also love the roominess of the t-shirt. He likes the length too. T-Post uses t-shirts by American Apparel so you know how comfortable to wear the t-shirts are. It's a bit too thin for hubby's taste though, he prefers a thicker one but I'd say it's perfect for summer and for everyday wear or for lounging around in the den ^o^

Here are some previous t-shirts (past issues) from T-Post:

They have Men and Women sizes. And T-Post is friendly to the earth too! They only make what is ordered so they only produce t-shirts for the amount of subscribers they had, no more and no less. They use eco-friendly ink and environmentally certified printer, and they try to use more organic cotton tees in their production.
They are also currently researching local print shop to minimize their carbon footprint. So it's a green company after all. Good to hear!

Oh I forgot to tell you that all the past issues t-shirts are not available for purchase because T-Post is a subscription service and they only print as many t-shirts as their subscribers, so yeah it's quite exclusive. you can say it's a limited edition t-shirts! And that means not many people owns the same t-shirt as you. Yippie to that! (please take note here that I'm into exclusivity, so yeah I love the fact that it's a limited ed ;p)

Go here to see the past issues and subscribe to T-Post!

I did not receive any form of payment for this review and this is written based on my own or my family's honest opinion (other people opinion may vary). The only compensation I received is the free product(s) provided by T-Post for review purposes only, and this compensation DOES NOT influence my opinion at all which I expressed in this post.


  1. I am always looking for new up and coming Green companies to support, and the designs are so vibrant and unique!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great stuff :)


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