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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My dad was having his 63rd birthday party the other day. And i still had not given him any present yet (not a very good example, I know... especially coming from his favorite daughter, sheesh!). I'm thinking of giving him a new pair of eyeglasses because i think his eyeglasses is already 20yrs old (*cringe)! He never changed his eyeglasses for years! So I thought maybe a new eyeglasses would be great for his present this year.

But I'm not sure of his preferred style though. My dad has always been one hard person to give a present to, simply because he has his own preferred style of everything. He wouldn't wear it if it's not "his" style. Giving him a new eyeglasses would be kinda hard too, especially this is prescription glasses we're talking about. Let's just hope there are a lot of options out there for the hard to please person like my dad.

My dad never wants to wear contact lenses like my mom. He always prefer glasses. He has this fold-able glasses that he always carry around in his front shirt pocket. He also has a reading glasses at home near his work booth. Let's just hope I found a new style that suits him.

I'm still confuse where to get the eyeglasses though. I'm torn between getting him glasses from the eyeglasses store at the mall or ordering a particular one from a website that sells glasses online. I guess to cut the time (since it's already a week passed his birthday, eeekk!) I'm gonna try and look online instead of going to the mall. Heck, I'm gonna do it today! ;)

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