Need a new hair cut !!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ohhh I want to get a new hair cut badly! My hair is officially out of shape now. It used to have layers and pretty V-shape at the back and a sweet side-swept bangs but now it just looks like I just got home from the planet of bad-hair-forevah! All layers gone awry, side-swept bangs is now wind-swept overgrown bangs, and my pretty V-shape is now more like a Y-shape, oh dear! I need some hair makeover pleaseee...

But first, I need some new hair style options to looked at before I go to my hair stylist to chop chop chop and trim trim trim this wide mane. I've been thinking of either just give a trim to my hair to give it a fresh look OR to chop it off for a shorter hair. I found these cute short hair styles from Total Beauty that I really like that makes me consider of chopping my hair to just above shoulder-length so I can style it like these below pics ^o^

Total Beauty is full of hair care or hair style advice. There's even a page dedicated to wedding hair ! It's a good place if you're looking for some info on celebrity hair style or hair care.
If you prefer to cut or trim your own hair at home instead of spending money for a an expensive hair cut then you could also find some DIYs at YouTube, there are a lot of videos showing how to trim your hair or how to give a little layer or how to trim your over-grown bangs (which makes sense because who wants to pay a lot of money for just a 5 minute trim on the bangs?). I always trim my bangs at home by myself, I only go to the hair salon if I want a totally new different hair style or if I have really really really outgrew my hair just like right now (actually I haven't been to a hair salon for months now!). So, this might be the time.. The question is: short or long ?

I've been with a shorter hair before, I like that it needs less treatment and less styling time compared to long tresses. I can also wash my hair and go out the door hoping that the sun will dry it in no time.
With long hair I always need to use hair dryer after washing my hair which of course takes a lot of time. But with long hair I'm able to do many style with it,I can style it in many ways every time I need to go to an event or a wedding party. With short hair I get clueless when it's time to go to some event or party. So I'm still confuse...
How bout you? What do you prefer? long hair? or shorter mane?

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