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Monday, April 12, 2010

I've done a post about tea sets a couple of months back. And that's because I love pretty and unique tea-sets, I also love fancy patterned dinnerware. I dreamed of having a kitchen with assorted colorful dinnerware and drinkware in different motifs and patterns hanging out in the rack or peeking out from beneath a glass cabinet door. Honestly, the real reason is because I just like playing hostess ^o^

Anyway, my plan of collecting dinnerwares are still in the lowest priorities right now since the apartment building (in which we bought a unit there) still hasn't even started construction (up until now!), but having in mind that I'm going to need some dinnerware sooner or later, it becomes as a necessity. It'll be cute to have a Mom n Dad mugs complementing the small dinner table that we'll have in our new pad. Or a set of plates with soup bowls and matching silver flatware for us at dinner time. (--> according to Silverware Wikipedia it's a generic term for western dining utensils).

Anyhoo, either because of necessity or just because I like the idea of collecting them it's always been so much fun for me to browse and look at the colorful and many different styles of dinnerware. There are just too many options of styles and patterns to choose! Here are some of my favorites plates sets from one of my favorite kitchenware website:

Yeah, you can tell that my style is more of a country kitchen style ^o^ But I also love modern patterns and designs. I also love browsing and looking at home interior website such as HGTV in which I could browse different kitchen style and kitchen cabinet style and cupboards where I would put up and show my collection of dinner plates sets (in my own imaginary world, of course) ;p.

Okay, that's it. Enough imagining things now, let's get back to real life, make some money, and go buy the dinnerware sets FOR REAL! ^o^

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