Gift Guide for Sisters or Besties: WHISH BODY PRODUCTS

Friday, February 5, 2010

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On my first "Gift guide for your loved ones" post I talked about what to give to the beloved man in your life, and now it's time to talk about what to give to your beloved sister or besties or even yourself.


Are you getting ready for Valentine's day date? Or do you have a sister or besties that shave or wax routinely? If you do, then read up, this is a product that would do wonder.

In a late one afternoon a UPS guy came knocking on my door, he brought me a package from Whish. And this is what's inside the package:

Whish sent me their Flawless ingrown hair serum to try and review. They also sent me a sample of their Pomegranate Three Wishes Body Wash and their Pomegranate Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel.

First, a bit about the company:

Whish is a company founded by brothers Jesse Werner & Sam Werner in January 2006. The two brothers with high tech backgrounds set out to create a new category in women's personal care while revolutianizing and changing the way women view a dreary dreaded chore. The idea behind Whish actually came from Jesse's wife Aimee who wish for a better shaving experience, and then the brand was born and the Shave Crave for women is the result. The Shave Crave is the first non-foaming shaving cream for women. Not long after, their shaving line became well-known and due to the success of it Whish launched a new series of treatment based bath products in 2008 which include body wash, sugar scrub, and body butter.

Now, on to the product:

I used to wax my legs and underarms routinely at the beauty salon but now I got lazy and I just shave at home. Ever since I shave I got this little bumps that are sometimes itchy and very visible, it kinda bug me. So when they sent me this Flawless ingrown hair serum I couldn't wait to try it. Actually I tried it the next day. I shaved and put it on every day to test it out and you know what? It really does it's magic. Got no bumps as usual and it made my skin smooth and moisturized, it really does wonder for your shaved area.

What I love about Whish is the fact that all their products are Paraben free, Sulfate free, TEA & DEA free, and Petrochemical Free. They're also made from all natural & organic ingredients when possible. I love organic and all natural products, I'm actually slowly changing my daily habits and starting to turn to eco-friendly products so Whish is definitely on my list.

I like to find out what's inside the products I'm using and the Flawless ingrown hair serum is made of :
  • Willow Bark : a natural salicylic acid that acts as anti-inflammatory to help calm the hair follicle.
  • Papaya Extract: A natural source of vitamin A & C, helps weaken hair follicles, inhibiting future growth.
  • Wheat Germ Extract: Helps restore and smooth skin.
  • Yeast Extract: Help regenerates and heals skin.
No wonder they works. Beside the all natural ingredients I also love the practicality of the pump bottle and the gel consistency because it makes our skin absorbs it easily and a little goes a long way. There's no alcohol smell too and it doesn't sting! But what's more important is that it works!

Did you know? Flawless has been chosen as the exclusive post-waxing treatment at all Nordstrom Spas, and a lot of Estheticians across USA has already used and trusted it.

I also tried the Pomegranate Hair Inhibiting Gel which is awesome if used together with Flawless. My hair does appear to take longer time to grow than usual. This is rich in anti-oxidant and leaves skin softer for longer in between shaves.

The Pomegranate Three Wishes Body Wash is made of organic Aloe, organic Raspbery butter and organic Shea Butter so it's also rich in anti-oxidant and have a great moisturizing effect. What I love most is the scent, it smells like a real pomegranate, and it's so fresh. However I felt like it leaves a bit of residue on my skin after I washed it, but maybe that was because I have an oily skin. I think this body wash would be great for you who has dry skin because it's really moisturizing so it would not leave your skin dry like most soaps do.

Shopping at Whish is quite fun too. Other than Pomegranate they also have Lemongrass and Almond scent. They also have a unique body brush that you can use for some new shaving experience. I have never shave with a brush before but it sounds really exciting and fun. All the brushes has really cute patterns too, i love it, they're so cute! Go Check it out.


Whish is currently offering a Free Shipping on orders over $50.
Go Go Go !

I did not receive any form of payment for this review and this is written based on my own or my family's honest opinion (other people opinion may vary). Whish gave me the product to be reviewed but that doesn't influence my opinion at all.

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