Fairest of them all.... by Ampersand Designs

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I received this package around holiday time a couple of weeks ago and it was like receiving the most fabulous holiday gift ever because what's inside is a pretty necklace that caught my eyes and my heart the minute I laid my eyes on it. It was a "Fairest of them all - signature necklace" from Ampersand Designs.

The necklace is from Ampersand Originals Collection which is their "signature" piece that has received the most hype since they started their business. And the BIG NEWS is : It was featured in the 2009 Oscar nominees gift bag !! So I was very thrilled to have this chance to review it because there's a possibility that the celebrities who swag the gift bag would also probably wear the same necklace as mine (yes, I'm crazy like that) ;p.

So that's where my hysterical #1 came in. My hysterical #2 came when I learn that the necklace contains: "Fairest Of Them All" resin charm and Looking glass charm, complete with Ampersand Designs logo charm attached to toggle closure at the back

You should know I'm all about princesses and fantasy stories so the "fairest of Them All" charm with a looking glass charm or the "mirror mirror" as I call it (;p) are definitely a call to my inner fantasy princess craziness ^o^

I Love Love Love the necklace!

I also love the logo charm detail at the toggle closure so it gives you a little unexpected detail at the back of your neck.

I've been wearing it a couple of times since. It's like my favorite piece of jewelry right now. And it's very versatile too, I could wear it with my daily casual outfit or with my most feminine outfit, it would stand out, no matter what. It has been a point of conversation too, my friends would comment on how fabulous the necklace is. And that's before I tell them about the necklace being part of the Oscar nominees gift bag, on that part they would literally scream ^o^

Ampersand Designs specializes in handmade, (mostly) one-of-a-kind charm jewelry including earrings, bracelets and necklaces ranging in price from $15 - $100. They've been featured in the Wall Street Journal, various magazines and press events and appeal to the girl on a budget who still wants to purchase something special.
As I told you, their bestseller, the "Fairest Of Them All" signature necklace was given away to every female nominee at last year's Oscars and you could purchase it too, it's available on their website at the affordable price of $25 !

Here are some of Ampersand Designs jewelries that I drooled over at their etsy store, aren't they gorgeous:

Their collections are splendid and affordable. You can visit them at their website or at their etsy store here. At Ampersand Designs they believe that "Everyone's entitled to a charmed life" and with the necklace put on my neck, I feel like I really am "Fairest of them all..."


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