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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's in my mailbox:
These are last week's packages ---> for next week's review & giveaway !! Woohoo more giveaways for you! Keep visiting my blog or even better, be my friendly follower ^__^

I'm not gonna tell you what's inside the packages yet, you'll have to find out for yourself ;p SOON!

And for this week's inspiration:

I love the pastel colors in this pic. This is actually taken from the home of boopsie.daisy via flickr. You should check out her home, she loves to decorate by season! What you see on Spring is different with what you see on Halloween, I'm currently curious with how she would decorate her house for this christmas. I love her kitsch decorating style.

Since I'm currently in love with anything purple so this photo of a bedroom with pale purple color really makes my heart skip a beat ^o^ This is a perfect bedroom in my mind, with all those big windows too! I love sunshine in my bedroom, I like a bright room.

I also found these below pics on flickr. My secret obsession is to collect single teacup&saucer, not the set ones but just a single teacup & saucer, especially when it's vintage. And these ones are enough to get me started on the collection ^o^

I would also love to collect tea-sets though but tea-sets need some big space to store so I think I opted the single teacup & saucer instead. It needs less space and it represents part of tea-sets too ^o^
(pics via damselfly58 on flickr)

And right now I'm craving this:

Luscious straberry creams enrobe with gourmet milk chocholate. YUMMO!
(pic via etsy)


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