Purple Pig Shirts Review

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Remember the NachoMamaTees Giveaway last week? (psst, the giveaway is still open until Nov 1st), my husband reviewed it and love what he reviewed, he actually wears it 2 times a week now! ;p
I also happened to receive a T-shirt from their sister site called Crazy Dog Tshirts which I reviewed and posted in my fashion blog TwoThousandThings (and a Giveaway too!). We both loved the tshirts so much so when Bill (the guy behind all those fab tshirts!) contacted me again to review another sister site called Purple Pig Shirts which sells Yoga shirts, I of course jump to accept it ^o^

From the store:
Purple pig was created based on our desire to share our commitment to health and wellness in a fun way. These shirts are not only for practicing Yoga, Pilates and Meditation but any wellness activity.

We received this "Namaste" tshirt for my hubby to review. I've been trying to get him into yoga these past few years so I kinda secretly hoping that he will do some yoga with me eventually, especially since now he have a Yoga shirt ^o^

The first time he received it he immediately tried it on straight from the package wrapper! talk about in love with a shirt, huh? ^o^ Then the minute he put it on, his smile was all over the place. He loves the color, he loves the soft fabric and he loves the length of the shirt. Extra length in a shirt would be perfect for yoga because you know how those yoga moves, we stretch up and down trying to do a complicated position which sometimes makes you uncomfortable when you're practicing yoga with friends or in a gym, because your shirt will ride up and you'll show a little bit part of your body that you really wish anyone wouldn't see. So this Purple Pig Shirts are really made for yoga and pilates, the softness of the fabric makes us move more easily and the length of the shirt would calm our mind because we know that it provides extra coverage. ;p

Our only suggestion is we wish the "namaste" graphic were a bit bigger like their "ohm" tshirt, but that's just a personal suggestion since i do have a fashion blog so I automatically see things in a "stylish" point of view ;p Not important, I know ^o^

Overall, we love it! They're probably one of the softest tees around. I also love the quality of the graphics, it's not your average graphic tee which will fade or cracked after being washed and ironed. The unique designs of the shirts are each hand drawn and they have new designs coming up every week, so make sure to check often. They will also soon start offering long sleeve burnout t shirts, sweatshirts and kids shirts. For $29.99 this is the yoga shirt you want!


  1. Hi There! Great looking shirts! I like the Namaste one. My husband who is Hindu, and Eastern Indian told me recently that Namaste doesn't just mean hello, it also means the spirit within me recognizes the spirit within you. I think that's beautiful! Have a lovely day.

  2. I like the Peace sign shirt!

  3. Great shirts, you can see the good quality straight off just from the photos. Hope hubby is soon converted to Yoga.

  4. Awww! So sweet! I love a good T-shirt with a nice peaceful message!

  5. Sounds like great shirts and comfy too :) Love it!

  6. Thanks for the fab comments guys ^___^

    @elabri: Thanks for sharing the info! I always love learning new things.

    @Joby: hubby is getting there ^o^


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