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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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Okay, now here we go..

You'll never know what your mailbox will bring to you this week...
That is so true! Have you ever feel Curious to see what would be in your inbox today?
Well, I sometimes do ^o^ And incase you're also curious to see what's in my mailbox this week, here are some of the highlights in mine :

The Guy Makeover at InStyle.
Nowadays, makeovers aren't just for the girls, it's also for the guys! InStyle presents to you The Guy Makeover, I surely would try this with my hubby's photograph ^o^
He always seems to have a problem on deciding his haircut style, maybe this would give him an idea or two. Hmm...Classic like Clooney or trendy like Pattinson here?


A cousin of mine sends me these cute pictures that makes me smile, these would make your day just a little bit brighter when you're down ^__^

It comes with "Today's Message of the Day" which is:

"Life is short, Break the rules, Forive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile..."


Kayla from The Eclectic Element (whose actually the one who inspires me of this "what's in my mailbox" theme) is talking about "6 Jobs you think would be a blast to have". I think it's a good topic for my daily daydreaming ;p so here it is...my "6 jobs I think would be a blast to have" :

1. I would like to work in a Fashion Industry. So I think my first three answers would be in correlation to Fashion ^o^. First of all, I'd like to work in a big fashion magazine. As my favorite magazine is LUCKY so I think working at LUCKY Magazine would be a blast for me!

2. To have a Fashion label of my own. I couldn't draw very well so I don't think I'd make a good Fashion designer, but Mary Kate & Ashley couldn't draw sketches too yet they still have their own brand by having designers designs clothes for them so that's what I'm gonna do :D

3. A Buyer for a big fashion store. That job would include routine trip overseas looking for new fashion styles so that would be a blast!

4. Being a famous star wouldn't hurt ^o^ I'd be the entertainer who can sing, dance and act beautifully. I'd be that multi-talented artist, i'm telling you.. ;p

5. I would also love to be a host in the Travel channel. I love traveling and the temptations to go to places I've never been is just hard to resist.

6. Owning a charming little store on the corner of a street. It could be a quaint little Book Store or a Gift Store full of unique and cute little things, or maybe a place where you could find nifty home decor for your house and apartment, or maybe even a little boutique with lovely decorations inside ^___^


And the last, I received this promo newsletter in my inbox 3 days ago:
a SPECIAL PROMO from The Body Shop waiting for you at the store (only valid in Indonesia)


Well, that's some of the interesting things that I received in my mailbox this week. Let's see what next week's mailbox will bring me ^__^


  1. inspiring post..

    about "6 jobs you think would be a blast to have"..I want 4 of them :D, except 4&5..hehe
    I really want to work in fashion magazine and have my own boutique one day :D..hehehe

  2. ^___^ Then what's your number 4 & 5 dear? (if you were to asked the same question?)

  3. Love those pictures of the kids and the message of the day. So neat!

  4. I love the little girl doing a Marilyn Munroe, soooooh cute.
    Thanks for the thought of the day
    And never regret anything that made you smile... you made me smile with the pics, thanks

  5. Thanks Lizzie and Joby, I love the marilyn monroe girl too ! LOL


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