A Website and 2 Giveaways

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First things first, Don't forget to ENTER my third GIVEAWAY at my fashion blog Two Thousand Things, this time it's sponsored by Cover Your Hair. It will ends on August 26th, 2009 at 24.00 PM.
So hurry up if you haven't entered already.

A random fact about me: I love the past eras. Anything from the hippie generations to the 1940s everyday life to all those stories about the royal families, the tudors, the victorian era, the edwardian era, and everything that has any relations to it. So I couldn't believe that I just recently found this awesome website "The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th century". I found it through a link from Adamantixx's website "TrifleDreamz".
I love everything in the blog and now it has become my daily read. If you love royal families like me and Adam then this website is one place you should visit.

From there I was brought to many other similar websites where I find myself very delighted and still couldn't believe my eyes that I just found out about this growing community. One website led to another website, and in one of them I found this Cleopatra's Daughter book Giveaway, held by "Passages To The Past", another lovely blog about the past eras.
You can also enter this great giveaway by clicking here. The contest will ends on September 14th. Good luck to you if you decide to enter! ^^

I'm glad now I found my playground of past eras. I will surely come back for more. And thanks to Adam who has great links on his websites! ^__^


  1. i'm pleased that you enjoyed discovering those blogs, just as i did myself.
    when you find a good one it often leads onto others just as good...the Duchess' blog is brilliant isn't it! :)

  2. Yes indeed Adam, Thanks for sharing all those links in your website ^^


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