Little Bird Too Stickers Review

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I received this cute cupcake sticker from children's illustrator Emma Metcalf last week and thought I'll review it here. Emma Metcalf has an etsy store called Little Bird Too, here's the link

The sticker came within a red paper envelope and inside it are: twelve cupcake stickers in a plastic container and two cute little cards; one has a gray cat illustration and the other one has a very charming bird illustration with one extra flower sticker clipped in the corner, so cute!

And here's the close-up of the cupcake stickers. Sorry it was getting dark when I took these pics.

I love the color she uses, it's pastels and it's not too bold nor too sheer. Mine is in pink and blue color with a little of a red and brown. The size is quite generous as usually all the common stickers are quite small. I've been thinking on where to use these stickers, I think my journal would be delighted to meet these cute little cupcakes ^o^

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