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Friday, August 7, 2009

Here comes a pack of Giveaway Infos, scattered in the world wide web ... :

Morning Dew Locket Necklace

I want one please ..!! ^o^
I always love this kind of necklace, it has such romantic vintage feel to it. Love it!
This Giveaway is hosted by Etsy it Up. You can enter the Giveaway by clicking the link below.
Etsy it Up -- Open til August 11th.

Dusky Pink floral filigree Ring

Who doesn't want to win this beauty?
I know I do !!
This giveaway contest is courtesy of Ruby Rouge Jewellery. Enter the giveaway by clicking below for your chance to win the ring !
Ruby Rouge Jewellery Giveaway -- Open til August 14th

A Clutch Purse

Who doesn't want a free clutch? Nobody ^o^
Now enter this giveaway for your chance to win your choice of snap clutch purse from Mod Dot Textiles which is hosted by Spear Mint Baby.
Winner can choose from over 100 of Mod Dot Clutches! Enter below :
Spearmint Baby -- Open til August 11th

Re-Usable Neoprene & Velcro Lunch Bag

This is such a cute lunch bag to tote around with.
The lunchbag is from Shoofly's and the Giveaway is hosted at Olive Bites Blog, so go there and enter for your chance to win this adorable grey lunch bag :
Olive Bites Blog -- Open til August 9th

Winner's choice of ANYTHING from Elizabeth Sorrey's fabulous etsy shop!

On the left is just an example of the beautiful items Liz has in her store. This Giveaway is hosted by Shrimp Salad Circus.
Hmm...If I won I will choose the very beautiful Green Lady Amherst Feather Hairband, you must see it, it's just stunning! ^^
Click below to enter :
Shrimp Salad Circus -- Open til August 9th

Okay ladies (and gents..), those are the Giveaway Informations I have gathered for you this week. Enjoy and Good Luck to everyone !


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  1. very pretty they all are too but i think they'd all suit you much better than me!


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