Non-Fashion Thingy

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Usually I'm craving for Fashion items in monthly basis ^o^ But this month I'm craving for something else other than fashion-related items, it's all about "Non-Fashion Thingy" ^o^.

I love seeing cute designs or even unusual details and designs in everyday items such as household items, etc. If I had my own house I would definitely buy those cute and un-ordinary items, my guests would be so proud -lol-

Well, below are several of my wish lists.
I have collected these pics in my desktop for a couple of months now. I have this habit of downloading any pics I found and love every time I browse the internet and save it in my desktop, but now that my desktop is full I decided to throw in some of these items in my blog instead. So, here are some of them :

Cute Clip-on earrings for my I-Pod.

Go Green Grocery Bag

Jewel-shaped ice cube tray

Paper towel

Catfeinated Coffee Mug

Nail-shaped Party Food Picks for small cakes and food

Russian Doll Sewing Kit

Tree branch shaped plant watering can.

Aren't they lovely?
Well now, which one do you like?


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