The Newest and Only Purchase this month

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My newest bought was this Red Indian stack of bangles. I know i haven't been shopping a lot lately that's because i'm on a shopping ban since last month.
Well last month I was sick for like almost a full month so all the money goes to my treatment...pfff...I didn't have any extra money left to shop :(

Then when I went to ITC Fatmawati with my hubby I accidentally stumbled upon this little store that sells gorgeous Indian accessories, I mean the whole store was full of racks carrying all sorts of glimmering Indian bangles, earrings, necklaces, even Saris and Indian traditional clothes & jewelries. Oh man, I looove Indian accessories! especially their stacks of colorful bangles! So I was like finding my own treasure island there!

I knew I had a shopping ban but I just couldn't resist. My eyes were sparkling seeing those racks and racks of rich colored jewelries in the cramped store. When I found out their prices, that's when I lost it. I immediately browsed through boxes of colorful stacked bracelets ignoring my shopping ban. Luckily I still had my conscience and just bought one stack of bracelets which costs only IDR 30.000.
I couldn't believe that the prices were even lower than the usual online store which I bought my Indian jewelries from all this time. Well the reason I bought it online was because they were straightly imported from India so i know that they were original. But the owner of this little cramped ITC store were an Indian couples (!) so i thought that all these jewelries they're selling must be originally brought from India too.
What a find! I MUST GO THERE AGAIN! I'll asked my mom too, she loves big Indian bangles too.

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