Decorated Cookies

Friday, March 13, 2009

I found this link in one of my fave blog (CC-Couture Carrie) to this great site that sells Cookies, not just your ordinary cookies but more like "The" perfect cookie for the fashionista/socialita in you ^o^
You wouldn't imagine how cute they are and I can't stop thinking how creative is the person behind these cookie shop.

The site called : "ELENIS COOKIES"

I know we could find similar cookies (especially cupcakes) that are full of decorations here in Jakarta, we can even order what kind of decorations we want, but I have not seen ones like the ones from Elenis Cookies yet. They're so gorgeous it made you sad if you have to eat them ^o^

My favorites are the first two pictures (the Make-Up Collection & The Designer Bags Collection), they're just oh-so-deliciously-cute !

Here are some pics...
Remember, these are all edible Cookies :

Enjoy !


  1. Ahhhh so cute! Gak tau gw rela makannya gak : )

  2. Hi, I dunno y but I cant leave a comment on ur other blog! It keeps giving me error message :(

    Suri is an angel! I think the reason we love her so much is cos she wears stuff like a grown-up in that tiny body of hers!

  3. Iya, gue juga bakal simpen ampe berlumut kali krn ga tega makannya hehehe

    Knapa ga bisa? at the other blog the comment is not on pop-up window maybe the connection was busy, you can try it again if u want ^o^


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