Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am a Moslem so I don't celebrate Christmas. But I like the gift-giving idea.
I used to like gifts (giving as well as receiving ^o^) back when I'm in my teenage years up until my twenties.
I used to make a full thought of specific things to give to a specific person.
I'm not like most people who just buy a gift in general typical things, for example:
a doll for a girl,
a baseball hat for a guy,
or a tie for an older guy or an uncle.
I like to think it through first, then search for the most suited gift for the person based on their likes and dislikes, also based on their hobbies or the way they dressed or their interest in something particular, or even better; something that they need or have been looking for.

I'd like the idea of making people smile when they recieve your gifts, making them feel more special or when they say: "oh my God, thank you so much, this is what i've been looking for" or "thank you, how do you know that I love this?". Now THAT words you can not pay with anything.

But these past few years, I dont get to do that much often.
Maybe because there aren't many people my age who still celebrate their birthday with a party where people would then come with a present in hands just like when we were a teenager. And because there aren't many special occasions (i.e in my religion) that has the tradition of gift-giving.

But just to pleasure my gift-giving passion that has long gone I searched the internet just to find perfect little gifts that I imagine would suit my gal pals, just for fun.
I love seeing these stuffs, it's like they specially packaged and ready to be wrapped. Some of them didn't even need to be wrapped, just put a big colourful bow around it and there you go...your gift is ready!

ESCADA Mini Coffret
(love the idea of a packaged gift-set)

JUICY COUTURE Women Candy Cane Gift-set
(no need to wrap it, any gal pal would love this!)

Patchouli-Elixir, Beauty Habit
(love the gold colour and the black scribbled-esque style of the words, plus it smells divine)

JUICY COUTURE set-of-2 playing cards
(love the box and the Queen picture in the cards)

HARAJUKU LOVERS Perfume (from Love-Angel-Music-Baby collection)
(So cute! Harajuku Lovers is Gwen Stefani's brand which was launched in 2005)


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